Churches are seen calling for PVC collection in their various denominations.

It won’t be a surprising thing if by July people who don’t have their PVCs will be barred from entering places of worship.

A Catholic church in Nigeria is seen displaying a banner encouraging members to get their Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

This followed after a video of a Catholic priest warning members of no PVC, no entry.

Everybody appears to be tired of the incumbent government.

As of 2019, the call for PVC registration and collection never gathered this form of momentum.

Because of what the people viewed as bad leadership and the desire for a change of governance has ensued.

The banner that was seen in an unidentified Catholic church bore the inscription “Jesus wants you to get your PVC”.

Church evangelism on PVC collection

The truth is that everyone in Nigeria is fed up with the government.

When it comes to security, the value of people’s life is nothing to write home about.

Even when the government promise to protect lives and properties, those promises are not kept.

The church is now fully involved in the forthcoming 2023 general election.

It was observed that during the previous elections, the church played neutral. But in this forthcoming election, the church seems to be very actively involved.

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They are encouraging all their members to put all hands on deck to enable them to oust the bad people who are coming to continue the reign of the to-be previous government.

2023 is sacrosanct for many who believe in the workability of the country while to some others, 2023 is just another year of renewing constant hardship in the country.

Many people in the country believe that the 2023 election is an already decided game. The winner is already known.

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The issue of the 2023 election is for formality’s sake. This is the postulation of those who have lost hope in the future of the country.

Nevertheless, everyone who is in Nigeria is encouraged to go get his or her PVC just like the church is encouraging its members.

The mistake was made during the 2019 election, such a mistake shouldn’t be allowed to happen again in 2023.

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