I am sure that you must have heard about the Portharcourt girl that died because of plastic surgery in Lagos.

Her name is Christabel and she was from Rivers state.

Though not all details about her were known, I want to reveal a shocking detail.

Christabel bought her death for 3 million Naira in Lagos while her family wallowed in poverty.

What can you say about a girl whose mother sells cassava balls (fufu) in their residence and yet has 3 million for plastic surgery?

Unfortunately for her, she did not survive the surgery. She wanted to enlarge her buttocks more so that she would attract more fans.

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It was also gathered that her brother works in a local bakery where he earns 20,000 Naira every month.

What can you say about a girl who had 3,000,000,000 for plastic surgery and yet, her family wallowed in poverty?

It is indeed sorrowful. The money that would have yielded something better for the family is what she used to buy her death.

To all beautiful ladies out there, of what Importance is it to add more artificial beauty when you are already created to be naturally beautiful?

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Every woman, I mean, every woman was created beautifully.

I still wonder why many still think that they are not.

Christabel would have been alive today if she never pushed for that plastic surgery.

You are created to be the way you are for a reason. Going for enlargement is completely stupid and should never be thought of.

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