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Anyidons blast an anti-Peter Obi and Psquare

Don’t joke with ever dedicated youths Anyidons blasts propagandists.

A Nigerian highlife singer, Frank Ifeanyi Dons popular Known as Anyidons has taken it upon himself to blast someone who decided to pull down the weight of Peter Obi and Psquare.

On Friday night, a photo of a dilapidated road leading to the famous Nigerian twin singers, Peter and Paul Okoye otherwise known as Psquare went viral.

The poster castigated Psquare for standing with Peter Obi whereas, a road that leads to their family compound in Anambra was nothing to write home about.

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In order to tackle what he called propaganda, Anyidons decided to visit the same dilapidated road and snap a new picture of it.

Anyidons said that this present generation of Nigerian youths can never be toiled with by propagandists.

To him, no matter how they plan to subdue the possibility of Peter Obi emerging as the president of Nigeria will be put to a stop.

Anyidons blast an anti-Peter Obi and Psquare
from the left, when the road was bad and when it was finally reconstructed. #goandverify

He said “Someone posted this morning about a house to Psquare’s house in Anambra.

I have decided to go back and snap the same place you people used to condemn Psquare and Peter Obi.

Take a look at the road now.

You can still being another propaganda. We are ready for you guys. The wrong people to joke with na ever dedicated Nigerian youths.

I am highly OBIdient.


Peter Obi is coming” He concluded.

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