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Women all out against husband snatchers

As funny as it may sound but it ain’t funny.

Somewhere in Nigeria, a group of married women stormed the streets warning single ladies to stay away from their husbands.

The angry women have warned a serious repercussion will follow if any single lady is caught in the act of snatching their husband ever again.

What single ladies are doing nowadays is beyond imagination.

According to the angry mothers, the single ladies use indecent dressing to snatch their husbands from them.

This they have said must stop. Any lady who does not love her life is dared to try sleeping with any married man again.

The voice behind the video said that the women are angry because the single ladies have snatched their husbands.

He also said that these ladies don’t harken to warnings. Now, they have provoked the sleeping lion.

For the entire woman to gather and make this all-around sensitization means that any single lady involved in such an act henceforth would have herself to blame.

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