The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB have declared two days of sit-at-home to counter the purported visit of Buhari to Ebonyi state.

President Mohammadu Buhari, the president of the Republic of Nigeria plans to visit Ebonyi state on Thursday and Friday to commission projects in the state.

Sit at home to confront Buhari's visit to Ebony - IPOB
Buhari’s visit to Imo state

He is visiting the state under the invitation of the state governor, Dave Umahi.

However, IPOB had on Tuesday declared two days sitting at home as they do not want Buhari anywhere in Biafra land.

According to a report received by Nekenwa Stories, the IPOB’s leadership had accused Buhari of the mass murder of Igbos.

The report also stated that Buhari is not welcome in Igboland as it is planned to urinate on the graves of those he murdered in cold blood.

People have been advised to sit at home to avoid the shedding of innocent blood.

IPOB warned that the Nigerian state is likely going to do what they like doing which is the killing of the innocent.

In order not to be a victim, people are therefore asked to stay back home to avoid being used as a sacrificial lambs.

Ebonyi Streets deserted as Buhari visits
Deserted streets of Ebonyi State

Buhari’s visit to Ebonyi according to the leadership of IPOB is a huge slap on the faces of the Igbos and also an insult to the souls of those he murdered in cold blood.

IPOB also said that Buhari cannot hold the people’s leader in prison and expect a warm welcome in the land of the same people he is holding their leader.

IPOB on cow ban

On the issue of cow ban, IPOB has reiterated the very fact that they have banned the sale and consumption of Fulani cows in Biafra land.

Using the same avenue to send home a strong message, IPOB has warned against the sale of native cows (Efi Igbo) at exorbitant prices.

People have used the stoppage of Fulani cows as a means of hiking the prices for indigenous cows.

Recognizing the harm this hike in cow price would cause for the entire Biafra land, IPOB has warned defaulters or expect them.

“If you don’t stop selling local cows at exorbitant prices, expect us because we will visit you”.

Cultism is banned in Igboland

On Tuesday, the IPOB leadership reiterated the very fact that Biafra land is a cultism-free land.

Any individual or group who is found parading his/herself as a cultist will have his/herself to blame.

The leadership of IPOB have given those involved 14 days to turn a new leaf or be ready to take responsibility for what happens to them.

“We are giving those in cult groups 14 days to turn a new leaf or be ready to bear whatever consequences they will bring upon themselves”.

IPOB is doing everything humanly possible to make Biafra land a fruitful and worthwhile living environment.

Though some unscrupulous elements are doing everything possible to pollute the land.

In a fight against terrorism in Biafra land, IPOB had vowed through God who strengthens them to cleanse the land of every form of evil.


The leadership of IPOB have declared a two-day sit at home in protest against the coming of Buhari in Biafra land.

Buhari cannot continue to hold Nnamdi Kanu in prison and expect the people he is leading to fold their arms and welcome him in happiness.

Also, the sales and consumption of Fulani cows are banned and people should desist from selling native cows (Efi Igbo) at exorbitant prices.

Finally, Biafra land is a cultism-free land thus, those involved are advised to retrace their steps.

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