Optimization Of Search Engines (newbies’ guide)

Optimization Of Search Engines (newbies' guide)

Do you need a mind-blowing organic traffic from Google and other search engines? Optimization of search engines is what you will need.

The world of blogging has gone beyond writing anything anyhow and getting it published.

People used to write content anyhow and publish it.

Google on the other hand will index and rank such a blog without much stress.

The evolution of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) brought about so much change in the industry.

Google became so smart that it made it difficult for sites with less or poor information to rank.

The evolution of search engine optimization came with many goodies and bad experiences for some people.

If you are starting a blog as a new blogger with less knowledge of SEO, it will be very difficult to have your site generate mind-blowing traffic from Google.

But those who have at least the basic knowledge of this skill (SEO) are bound to make huge progress.

What optimization of search engines is all about

Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a skill every content creator needs to acquire huge traffic from Google and other search engines.

According to Wikipedia; “Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.”

It is an effort made to increase the views of a blog or an online asset by improving aspects of the product.

Also, it is what you do to generate free traffic from Google rather than paying for traffic.

Search engine optimization is also known as SEO is the best friend of a blogger or content creator who needs mind-blowing traffic to his blog or website.

When I say “best friend to a blogger” I mean, what a blogger must have a good knowledge of if he wants to generate great traffic from Google and other search engines.

Optimization of search engines is now the best method to generate traffic to websites or blogs.

The reason is that when you think of SEO, you think of organic traffic.

A well-optimized blog generates traffic for the blog. And a blog with such wonderful traffic should be ready to start cashing out regularly.

Any student who enters the world of blogging should always consider learning the basics of SEO.

Have you ever been in a beautiful apartment before? An apartment where you don’t need anyone to show you around.

SEO is like a beautiful apartment

In the apartment, everything you will need is found inside it.

This is just the same way SEO is. To optimize your blog, you must ensure that you have a clean and easy to navigate the blog.

Then your posts must be written in a way that is meant for humans.

If you have been writing content anyhow, please stop it.

Such practice is wrong or bad for SEO. Write contents bearing in mind that it is for humans to read and not machines.

You can read how to optimize blog content to get more details about writing for human consumption.

How long can I learn SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not what you learn in one day or one month.

It is something you learn till you quit blogging. Do you know that SEO is a digital skill? I guess you don’t know.

Skill is what you acquire to enable you to carry out a task in a perfect or applauding manner.

As time goes on, things begin to change and new skills are required to meet up with the constant change.

Optimization of search engines is a skill that you will continue to learn until death because the world of blogging changes.

Since Google from time to time changes its way of crawling, indexing, ranking and approaching websites, SEO skills, therefore, change to meet up with the trend.

Do I need to learn this skill before starting a blog?

The thing is that, if you wait for the time you will finish SEO lessons you might not get anywhere.

Start a blog and start learning SEO. Any new thing you learn and understand about blog optimization, you put into practice.

The more you constantly write new posts and also learn more about the way search engines work to generate traffic, the more you master SEO.

So it is pointless waiting for when you finish learning SEO before starting a blog. The reason is that you will wait till eternity. Learning SEO is not a one-day thing.

Can I teach myself SEO?

If you are good at learning things on your own without being taught, you are welcome to teach yourself SEO.

But if you are opposed to those who are self-taught, kindly seek the guidance of an SEO guru.

No matter how good you are with self-taught skills, it will take you a long time to know the basics of SEO unlike when you are taught by someone who knows SEO better.

What is the best time to learn search engine optimization?

The best time to learn the optimization of search engines is left for you to decide.

You know what time is the best for you to learn new ideas.

Many people love to study at midnight when there is less or no noise while many enjoy studying in a noisy environment.

You know your best time of study so stick to it.


Optimization of search engines is a great skill that pays off. If you want to make it big in the blogging industry try and acquire the skill.

Making your site a worth visiting page is achievable through knowing SEO.

I would encourage you to invest your time and resources to master this great digital skill. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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