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How my roommate frustrated my opportunity of finding a job


After graduating from school with first-class honours, finding a job became a very serious problem.

My roommate was already working as a classroom teacher in one of the best schools in the area.

Interestingly, he was one of the well-respected teachers in the school.

The school management seeks the advice of people of his type before coming up with any conclusion.

That was how confident I was finding a job in his school until I was served with the most heartbreaking story of my life.

After a few months of graduating from school, I went to apply to my roommate’s school.

Trusting that he would recommend me to the school, I looked forward to a positive response.

My roommate came back home with my application letter and told me that the school rejected it.

I could recall taking the application to his school myself, how come they came to know that I was his roommate and also went to the extent of giving him my application letter baffled me the most.

He claimed that the school burnt all unneeded applications and mine was nearly included.

My roommate told me that no one knew when he managed to remove my letter from the numerous letters that were to be burnt.

Fast-forward to 5 months later

I finally found a job in a less paying school. Irrespective of the monthly salary, my main desire was to build the younger generation.

This was why I put in my very best to ensure that the children get the best knowledge.

There was a local government competition hosted by the local government chairman.

The competition was between schools in the area to compete so that the best would be selected to represent the school at the state level.

They gave us time to prepare our best 3 students.

My school mandated I prepare the kids for the forthcoming competition.

With all pleasure I swift into action. Morning and night I never stopped to think of the best strategy to employ to beat other schools.

The competition date reached and we started.

Funny enough, my school which was the most underrated in the area came out with the best scores.

My former roommate’s school came third. The best three students to represent the school at the state level competition were all chosen from my school.

According to the local government chairman, he wasn’t ready to take any chances.

What he wants is for the trophy to come to the local government.

At the state competition, my students made me, the school and our local government proud.

We won the competition and headed for a national competition.

This time around, 6 students were needed. My three representatives and three other students from other schools were picked.

For the very first time, I went to Abuja and it was through a flight.

After one week in Abuja, the competition started.

In the first round of the competition, our team was five points behind the first team.

Getting to the second half of the competition, there was a substitution.

I liaised with my team leaders and we changed the three students and replaced them with my students. Other schools equally did their own substitution.

These kids were hot brains. From the fourth position, they moved to the third, second and finally the first position.

No matter how difficult questions appeared, the children had their way of finding the correct answer.

The competition came to an end and our team won it. It was a well-deserved victory.

We were ten points ahead of Anambra state.

The government gave all the students in our team a scholarship to study abroad while the teachers that guided them were motivated with N70 million each.

Our school became one of the best schools in my area.

It was later I came to find out that my roommate was the person who removed my letter amongst the letters of those who applied to the school some time ago.

The school came to find out about this and ensured that he lost his job.

He came to my school to apply as a classroom teacher.

To avoid wasting his time, the receptionist who has also read the story told my former roommate that even though the school was employing new staff, he can never be employed.

My roommate left in shame.

Disclosure: This story is fictional and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Only the morals generated from this story should never be taken for granted.

Thanks for reading.

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