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How my high school bully married my sister

How my high school bully became my in-law

Contrary to the story you know about “My high school bully” here is a different story altogether.

I would be the last person to believe that Mike will ever end up becoming my in-law someday.

Back in the day at high school, Mike would always beat me with his gang of friends.

He just hated me for no reason. Sometimes he shouts that I was too tall for his liking.

Mike would always say that my height was intimidating to him and he cannot stand and watch me take away his glory as of the most feared in the school.

In my high school days, Mike wouldn’t allow me to rest.

Any place I tried to find a rest Mike is always there to cause one problem or the other.

Even when our teachers have tried their best to eradicate bullying in school, they keep missing out on Mike.

Time flew to 2021 when my sister came back home to introduce to the entire family a guy who had asked for her hand in marriage.

To my greatest surprise, it was Mike, the same high school bully.

Mike was the same guy that dealt with me back in the day during high school.

We reminded ourselves of those days and we laughed over it.

He was sorry for all his actions back in the day.

No one on Earth can be able to convince me that my sister travelled to the UK to fall in love with my high school bully.

But the truth is that Mike has been a nice guy ever since he became an adult.

To all of us, life wasn’t the way it was when we were in high school.

My parents gave them their blessings and the wedding was fixed the next two months after his (Mike’s) visitation.

Today, I am an inlaw to my high school bully.

It is one of the funniest stories I have ever heard in my life.

Indeed, no one knows what tomorrow will look like.

Button line of the story

Treat everyone well no matter your position because someday you will need their help.

Be conscious of your actions today because tomorrow it will have a
negative effect or repercussion against you.

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How my high school bully married my sister