While we all focused on the motorcycle lawyer, my son was focused on something else.

To my greatest surprise, I realized that my son was carried away by the way he was looking at her.

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Let’s get back to the story.

My son’s sudden interest in his motorcycle lawyer

The motorcycle lawyer

My son was involved in a problem with a motorcycle seller.

After buying the machine from the vendor, he forgot to collect the receipts.

Though, according to my son, the motorcycle seller had already written the details of the machine.

Thinking that he already had the receipts for the motorcycle, he bothered not to look for them.

Two weeks after he bought the bike, the Los Angeles Police Department came knocking at our door.

They arrested my son for motorcycle theft. This was to the surprise of everyone.

My son was black and he was arrested by some white folks who we thought must have mistaken his identity for someone else.

After mentioning his name and reading all his rights, we concluded that they came for him.

Without wasting any time, I made enquiries on where and how to find a motorcycle attorney.

Luckily enough, I found Lucy Bianca. Bianca was a beautiful lady whom I presumed must be in her late 20s.

Because of what people said about her, I decided to employ her services in my son’s case.

The first time we visited my son at the police station, he never took his eyes off the beautiful lawyer.

Though he was unable to tell the lawyer what he suddenly felt was because he was arrested over a crime he knew nothing about.

My son told me everything about his sudden feelings for the motorcycle attorney.

He said he cannot relate what exactly the feelings were but couldn’t stop thinking about her after our last visit.

My son has never shared his feelings before. This is the first time he is talking about love and feelings. I was so surprised that my son has finally picked an interest in women.

Finally, it was court day. My son pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The case was adjourned for the next 8 days for further hearing.

For two months, the motorcycle case was still lingering.

My son and the motorcycle lawyer fell in love with each other while he was still in police custody.

I came to know about this when I visited him again with the lawyer.

They spoke to each other and the way they looked at each other made me realize that something was going on.

I didn’t relent about what was going on and my son was quick to tell me that Lucy Bianca, the motorcycle attorney, was one of the best things that has ever happened to him.

I was wowed by how an attorney could fall in love with someone in police coffers.

The court is likely going to sentence him to many years in prison if found guilty.

The motorcycle lawyer assured me that my son will regain his freedom in no distant time.

She wasn’t talking like someone who is not sure of what she was saying.

She was deeply convinced that the love of her life would certainly regain his freedom.

After three months of court hearings, the truth finally came out.

The motorcycle vendor was indicted by his security camera.

After deleting the content of the camera as a way of truncating every possible evidence against him.

We were able to retrieve the deleted footage and low and behold, my son paid for the motorcycle he was accused of stealing.

The judge presiding over the case ruled that the motorcycle be returned to my son and the vendor should pay my son 5x the amount of the machine as compensation.

He would also serve an additional two years in prison for defamation of character.

Lucy Bianca, who is now part of the family, won the case for the entire family.

My son married a motorcycle lawyer and today, I am a happy mother-in-law to a motorcycle attorney.

Disclosure: This story is completely fictional.

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