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Meaning And Benefits of Nation Building

Nation Building

Email statement according to William Webster is a statement that emphasizes on small or unimportant things.

Saying that nation-building is a mere statement clearly explains that nation-building is irrelevant in the city.

Nation-building is not just a mere statement because without it no nation can develop.

Every society needs collective responsibilities, corporation, religious tolerance etc to become or to be able to achieve its aspired unity.

This unity he aspired to by all society can only be achieved when nation-building is not underrated.

What is Nation Building?

Nation-building according to Nekenwa (2019), is the totality of effort put in place by both governmental and non-governmental agencies, individuals and groups, poor and the rich to promote the progress of a society.

In the same vein Uzoagba (2022), sees nation-building as that which involves behaviours and thoughts or feelings aimed at sustaining the attributes of a nation.

He further buttressed his definition by adding that it is a transformation of poor socio-economic conditions of the mass of the people through formulation, planning and implementation of articulate, better life, functional and productive social-economic programs and policies.

Nation-building helps to promote the unity of the nation, that is to say in short sentence, that every nation needs the effort of all our citizens to promote its social economic stability.

Nation-building is constructing or structuring a national identity using the power of the state.

Nation-building aims at the unification of the people within the state so that it remains politically stable and viable in the long run.

According to Harris Mylonas, “Legitimate authority in modern national states is connected to popular rule, to majorities.

Nation-building is the process through which these majorities are constructed”.

Importance Of Nation Building

Nation Building Is Not Just A Mere Statement

Below are some of the importance of nation building;

  1. Nation building helps to promote the social economic stability of a nation.
  2. It helps to promote unity among members of a nation.
  3. The collective efforts of a nation’s citizens helps to boost the Democratic principles of such a nation.
  4. Nations that witness rapid development are Nations that give so much interest to its nation building.
  5. Nation building also helps to promote patriotic feelings among our citizens.

Nation Building helps to build the social economic stability of a nation:

A nation that doesn’t practice nation building is bound to fail both socially, political and economically.

Nations whose members put in efforts to see to its growth do everything possible to ensure that she maintains her global reputation.

Promotion Of Unity Among Countrymen:

Corporation brings about unity and unity brings about societal development. The spirit of nation building helps to promote unity among members of the nation.

Boost Democratic Principles Of A Nation:

The joy of doing things for the progress of a society goes a long way in boosting national cohesion.

People come out en masse to vote for candidates of their choice during national elections.

They also participate either directly or indirectly in the government of their country.

Nation Building Boosts Rapid National Development:

When people collaborate it helps to boost national development. This development is fostered through members’ efforts of practicing nation-building.

Promoting Patriotic Feelings:

Patriotism is what the loved one has for his country. Nation-building develops in individuals the zeal to do things for the progress of their society.


Every nation that six development unity, peace etc must learn to cultivate the Spirit of nation-building.

Nation-building is paramount for every society. This is why it can never be a mere statement.

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