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Lady becomes crippled after being cursed by her lover’s wife

In Kumasi, Ghana, a lady had lost her capacity to walk because she was having an affair with a married man.

It was a sad moment for Abrafi as she was cursed by her lover’s wife.

Abrafi said that she was in a relationship with a man who she never knew had a wife.

Even after denying the very fact that he was married, later the truth exposed itself.

The wife of her lover came to her and there was an exchange of words between them.

After Abrafi came to realise that it was a fight she can’t win no matter where she takes it to.

Lady becomes crippled after being cursed by her lover's wife
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She told the angry woman that she was pregnant with her husband.

She beckoned on the woman to allow her husband to cater for her and her unborn child. After delivery, he can leave.

That statement got her lover’s wife more infuriated.

Abrafi said that the woman cursed her in the name of “Antoa Nyamaa”. Antoa Nyamaa is the name of a river goddess in Ghana.

Though she didn’t relent to curse her back. The argument continued until people came to bring peace.

“The woman told me to leave her husband and the only thing I wanted was for him to take care of my gestation period then he can go”.

After they were reconciled by the neighbours, the fighting women went their separate ways.

Unknown to Abrafi that her lover’s wife never forgave her.

Abrafi alleged that she came back and took away her pan*ies from the dryline.

Abrafi said she noticed that one of her pa*ts was missing when she went to take them in.

Unknown to her that her lover’s wife had come and collect it.

Moments later she started noticing that her legs were paining her.

She told Oyerepa FM as gathered by that she lost her capacity to walk after her under*ear went missing.

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