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iPhone 15 and what students must know

It is no longer news that by 2023, Apple might be releasing another mind-blowing product. This product is the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 is to hit the market by 2023 (what students must know)

It has not been 3 years since the last product was released into the market.

Now, another astonishing product is about to be released into the market.

The iPhone 13 has always been a go-getter for almost skit makers and movie makers.

I could remember when many used to be shy about using mobile phones to record their movies.

The evolution of the iPhone 13 product brought about those changes.

Today, video makers and those who love taking pictures are proud of what the product is doing for them.

To wow the whole situation, Apple is set to release an upgrade of the iPhone 13 by 2023.

By 2023, iPhone 15 will be in the market and of course sold at an exorbitant price just like the 13.

We have not been able to buy the 13th version, but now the 15th version is here. Lol.

iPhone 15 and students’ reaction

It is no longer breaking news that many students would love to have this phone.

Many would even end up doing one illegal thing or the other just to acquire the yet to be released new phone.

Don’t also be surprised that some have started saving money waiting for the release date.

Some students will end up sacrificing their school fees or tuition fees just to have that phone.

Funny enough, they want the phone only to add to their status or to snap fine-looking pictures.

It is very very unfortunate what our society has turned into.

Students should be aware of the very fact that this soon to be released iPhone 15 will soon be outdated.

A newer version will come up and of course, suppress the previous release.

What students must know

Irrespective of the very fact that it would be a great idea to have this excellent phone, it is not worth sacrificing your education.

The time they say calls for everything. You can acquire this phone if you have more than enough but don’t sacrifice the only thing you have for it.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not writing this to weaken your morale via purchasing the phone.

All I am saying is that, if you don’t have the money to buy it when it is released, do not bother yourself about not having it.

If not for improved picture quality and some other advanced functions, I don’t think the phone is different from other phones that perform the same basic qualities of a phone.

These qualities are; making phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, accessing the internet and many others.

Not just for this phone, but even for other devices. Ensure that your money goes into something that would have a lasting significance to you.


iPhone 15 is about to hit the market in no distant time. Your desire to own this sophisticated device must be boiling by now.

I understand that fully well. The big question is, do you have what it takes to acquire this device? Or do you want to sacrifice your most treasured to acquire it?

If yes is your answer, I hope what you are sacrificing isn’t more valued than the phone you want to acquire.

It is only a foolish man that can sacrifice 20 dollars to get only 10 dollars in return.

Hope this was helpful.

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