The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB has warned Nyesom Wike to stop causing future community conflicts between Imo and Rivers states.

In a press release signed on Monday by Comrade Emma Powerful, the media and secretary for IPOB, Wike was warned against his intentions of ceding some villages in Imo state to Rivers state.

These communities are found within the Ohaji Egbema local government area of Imo state.

It was gathered that Nyesom Wike used monetary inducement to lure residents of those communities to renounce being part of the Imo state.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB has noticed the futuristic negative effect this might bring to the affected communities hence, the outcry.

Some of the affected communities include Obeti, Awara, Umuapu, Asa and Ihe.

The governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike is said to have promised a monthly payment of N150,000 to members of all these communities if they accept to join Rivers state.

IPOB has warned that none should ever adhere to this evil plan of Wike as it could lead to a future community conflict.

What Wike aims to achieve in this case is to cede some oil-producing communities in Imo state to Rivers state because they have a common boundary with Rivers state.

Unfortunately, Wike is taking this step because of the failure of the Imo state government to provide good social amenities for the oil-rich communities.

These communities should never worry as the coming of Biafra is fast approaching.

The emergence of Biafra will end their suffering from bad leadership.

At least they will start enjoying the dividends of their communities.

Wike had been warned to stay away from causing any future conflict between communities that have lived in peace even before he was born.

Trying to cede some communities from Imo state to Rivers state is nothing but a call for an unnecessary crisis.

Those who are offered a monthly payment of N150,000 should imagine what the future of their children would be like if they accept these payments.

Nyesom Wike has not less than a year to leave office as the governor of Rivers state. He failed to secure the PDP presidential flag on Friday.

With all this happening, what makes you think that he will continue to pay you that amount after one year.

Are you wallowing in the reasoning that a new governor will continue from where he stopped?

Lol. Wake up from your slumber.

Think about what other governors before him have done. How many continued with the projects of their predecessors?

How many times have state public workers gone on strike as a result of a lack of salary payments since the governor came into power?

Have you considered the possibility of debt for a long period?

What makes you think that the 150k inducement will be sustained even before he leaves it?

People from this Ohaji Egbema local government area should be careful in their dealing with Nyesom Wike because he plans to cause a future community conflict.

This conflict is only avoidable now that there is still time to reject his monetary offer.


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