Mr Ikenna Onwuegbuchulam, a citizen of Imo state narrates his experience with Fulani herdsmen in Okigwe.

Ikenna said that the Fulani herdsmen were so mean that they meant everything they said.

According to him, the cattle herders said that since IPOB stopped them from rearing cows, they have no other option than to start kidnapping.

Below is the story shared by Mr Ikenna.

“On Saturday night we were coming back from my brother’s traditional marriage in Ebonyi state.

When we got to Okigwe, we were ambushed by some men whom we thought were police officers.

We finally came to realise that they were no police officers but rather Fulani herdsmen.

They came out from the bushes with daggers, machetes and automatic guns.

They broke the glass of our car and ordered us out of the ground.

I struggled with them and I received severe knife cuts all over my body.

But thank God I was able to escape them. The Fulani herdsmen kidnapped my senior brother and his new wife.

The herdsmen also said that since we stopped them from rearing cows they will never stop kidnapping our people.

Finally, they insisted that we must pay them N1,100,000 for the release of my brother and his wife”.

He concluded.

(For some reason I have decided not to share the pictures and videos of the man affected)

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