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His state of health after the Bitcoin's price fell below $37,000

The dreams of my coursemate George came crashing after Bitcoin’s price fell below the unexpected.

Even after noticing the constant fall of the coin over the week, George refused to act smartly.

The fall of the Bitcoin price on Monday shattered his dream of owning his dream house while he is still in school.

Could remember when Anna his girlfriend was advising him to withdraw as soon as possible when this sudden fall had not come.

To George, the price of the coin will rise again.

He told me he had a dream when the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed beyond imagination.

Unfortunately for him, the Monday report on the fall of Bitcoin price was the complete opposite of the content of his dream.

His health came under attack after the Bitcoin’s price fell

While we sympathised with him over losing a huge sum to the fall, George fell sick.

We rushed him to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed that he was in a shock.

He promised us that he would be discharged the moment he recovers. And that will take place in a short while.

Having confidence in the doctor’s statement, we were happy because it was certain nothing would happen to our friend.

For more than 28 hours, George was still unconscious but responding to treatment.

The doctor confirmed that he has never had such an experience before.

We expected him to wake up in a few hours but what we are seeing now is beyond a joking matter.

The Bitcoin sudden crash has caused so many problems for this young man.

I could recall how he boasted that whenever he feels like withdrawing his coin, the entire LA will hear his case.

The crash of the coin’s price has dealt him a great blow and also landed him in a coma.

People should understand how crypto works and stop putting their entire hope in the system.

It is because of this that George, my coursemate , is currently unconscious in the hospital.

As long as you’re only investing what you’re OK with losing and have a long-term investment strategy in place, there shouldn’t be cause for concern with bitcoin and ethereum’s recent drops.

Most financial experts recommend investing less than 5% of your total portfolio in crypto.

You should also make sure you’re prioritizing other aspects of your finances ahead of investing in crypto, such as saving for an emergency, putting money away in a retirement account, or paying off high-interest debt.

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His state of health after the Bitcoin’s price fell below $37,000