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After school daycare

Parents who are extremely busy with work are day by day searching for an after school daycare.

This is to enable them to manage their businesses well without fear of how their children are faring.

What is an after school daycare program?

An after school daycare program is a caregiving activity set aside for out of school children.

Children, especially toddlers who are perceived not old enough to be enrolled in normal school are taken to daycare areas to be taken care of when their parents are busy with work.

When your business does not allow you to come with kids, getting service becomes important.

After school daycare jobs

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There are many things you can do to help you take care of your child and equally maintain your business.

How to get an after school daycare

After school daycare: a challenging moment for busy parents

Some of these things are listed and discussed below.

  • Hire a nanny
  • Find schools with after school daycare
  • Invite your relative
  • Find a house help
  • After school daycare pick up programs

Hire a nanny

A nanny babysits children and gets paid for her services.

With a nanny, you’re after school daycare problems are solved.

All you need to do is to place your child under her supervision and go do your job.

As long as you both agree and keep to your agreements, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Schools with after school daycare programs

Many local schools nowadays offer after school daycare opportunities.

You could be lucky to enroll your child in such a school.

Some schools do charge a whole lot for the services while some don’t as long as the child is registered in the school as a pupil.

So if you are a parent looking for an after school daycare, local schools in your area should be considered.

Invite your relatives

This can also go a long way. It is an activity that has yielded great fruit for many Igbo mothers.

In Igbo land, a lady who is always busy either with school or work would end up employing a relative who would take care of her baby in her absence.

These relatives are well treated and showered with lots of gifts and blessings when she/he finally returns home.

Inviting any of your relatives to do the after school daycare job helps a great lot. The reason is that you will be confident that your child is in the care of your relative.

This relative can also be your old mother or sibling.

Find a house help

Are other points not fine? Why not employ the services of house help.

House help is a person who is employed to assist an individual in his/her household activities.

Hire a house help and feel free to continue with your work.

After school daycare pick up programs

There are many people out there who have decided to venture into the business of after school daycare.

Take your kids to these people and allow them to do their job.

All that is expected of you is to keep to their terms and conditions which would always include prompt payment, time to take your child etc.

Is it expensive to undertake?

Taking care of kids is always an expensive job.

Were you thinking that someone would pass through the routine problems of children and expect you to pay little to nothing?

After school daycare is an expensive venture especially when you employ people to render that service.

The only way you can save yourself from such costs is by inviting a relative whom you know you can’t pay salaries for his/her services.

How to find after school daycare near me

To get this kind of job done, Google can always be your friend.

All you need to do is to enter the keywords “after school daycare near me” in Google’s search box and see the magic.

Google will use your present location to find available places that render such services.

It is always cool to toggle on your phone’s location beacon for an easy and effective search.


That you have kids shouldn’t stop you from having your job.

It is always wise to keep your child in trusted hands if your work area frowns at bringing kids to the area.

A more secure and confident place to keep your children is their schools (if they render such services) and after school, daycare pick-up programs.

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After School Daycare: Challenging Moments For Busy Parents