Students And The Classroom Bully (how to manage a bully)

Students And The Classroom Bully (how to manage a bully)

Many students have seen lots of unmeasurable problems with the classroom bully.

A classroom bully also affects classroom management.

This is why teachers need to handle these individuals intelligently.

That there is a student in your class who always bullies other students does not mean that such a child must be killed.

There are ways you can handle a classroom bully without making him/her feel unwanted.

But before then, let’s take a look at this short story.

Haaland, the classroom bully (Short Story)

Haaland is the tallest in his class. He is not just the tallest but also the only student with a moustache and intimidating body stature.

From the very day he was registered into the classroom, Haaland became a nightmare for his classmates.

In most cases, they refused to come to school because of Haaland.

To them, Haaland is a god and if anyone tries to go against his rules, such a child is in a deep mess.

When the teacher is in the class, Haaland acts like a good student and when the teacher is out, he showcases his real self.

The funny thing is that the classroom bully would warn the students not to say a word to the teacher or to anyone to avoid being found in a hospital badly wounded.

This caused much fear among the students to the extent they refused to come to school.

For some time, their classroom teacher noticed that many of his students had stopped coming to school.

It is unusual behaviour. He reached out to the school management to lay the complaint.

On inviting the students’ parents, the report was disheartening.

The parents of the scared children narrated to the school management how their children stopped going to school for the fear of being found in body bags.

The school threatened to suspend the erring Haaland but their classroom teacher protested.

The teacher requested parents bring their children to school and allow him to handle Haaland all by himself.

After much argument, the school management and parents danced to the tone of the classroom teacher.

The next day, all the students were in school and awaiting their teacher.

Haaland continued with his usual bully lifestyle.

By the time the teacher entered, Haaland pretended to be a good boy.

The teacher ordered all the students to leave the classroom and insisted only Haaland remained in the class.

Everybody was surprised. They had no option but to obey the teacher’s order.

The teacher started teaching the classroom bully alone and he never felt comfortable.

“Sir, why am I the only one you are teaching?” Haaland asked.

“I thought it was okay with you to be the only one in the world? I thought you hate your classmates? Don’t worry, you will understand everything I am teaching you now that you no longer have anyone to bully” the teacher replied.

While the teacher continued teaching, Haaland continued to display acts that showed he was uncomfortable.

He knelt and begged the teacher to please bring back his colleagues.

The teacher insisted he studied alone. After much pleading, the teacher agreed to call in other students only if he would promise never to bully anyone again.

Haaland promised to be a good boy and never to be a bully again even in and outside of the classroom.

The teacher called in the students and they reunited with Haaland.

This was how the classroom teacher was able to solve the case of the classroom bully.

How do you manage a classroom bully?

Students And The Classroom Bully (how to manage a bully)

When you have pinpointed bullies in your class, these are some of the strategies to bring them to a halt.

(1) Apply the teacher’s strategy

One of the best ways to manage the activities of a bully in your classroom is to apply the strategy the teacher in the above story used.

In the story, the teacher ordered the students to leave the class and only Haaland was allowed to stay.

This was to make him feel lonely and understand that he also needs others to survive.

The teacher’s strategy was to make Haaland understand that being a bully was uncalled for.

Bullying others goes a long way toward making things difficult for an individual.

The reason is that people will become scared of you and wouldn’t want to have anything to do with you.

(2) Invite his parents

Another way you can manage a bully in your classroom is by involving his parents.

Invite his parents to report their child.

Make them understand the hostility their child is causing in your class.

At least, parents know their children better than anyone.

In most cases, they would offer help on how to better handle their child to achieve good results.

(3) Advise the child

One of the professional duties of a teacher is the ability to advise and bring back to normal, disturbing situations.

When you notice that one of your students needs advice, you must explore that opportunity.

Advise your student who is a bully. Make him or she understand the unending disadvantages that are attached to being a bully.

(4) Study the child

Knowing what could be the reason for a classroom bully is one of the things a teacher must do.

Sometimes you’ll notice that a child is a bully because of the kind of home he or she is from.

Try and study your students so that you will know the kind of strategy to apply when dealing with those who are bullies.

(5) Be more observant

Just like the teacher in the story, he came to know what his students were passing through when a good number of them stopped coming to school.

As a professional classroom teacher, every day you are introduced into a class, it is your duty to start observing them immediately.

Know when they are having issues. Also, be observant to understand the needs of every one of them.

Why do children bully other children?

There are many reasons or causes of children bullying other children.

(1) family background

The family background cannot be overlooked when it comes to the personality buildup of a child.

A child that comes from a hostile family has a 97.3 percent chance of becoming a bully in class.

So when you notice you have a bully in your class, feel free to make enquiries about the child’s family background.

(2) Home movies

Another factor that could make a child become a bully is the kind of movie he/she watches.

Home movies play a big role in a child’s development.

This is why parents are advised to ensure that they guide their children on what type of movie/video to watch.

A family that makes boxing, wrestling, and fighting channels their favourite TV channels should be ready for its impact on their children.

In one of my friend’s secondary schools, something bad happened.

He told them that he would love them to engage in a wrestling match.

Out of excitement, the children accepted the game.

The children decided to bear the names of their favourite wrestlers (Shawn Michael, John Cena, Batista, Undertaker etc) as their nicknames.

The unfortunate event happened when the student with the name of Undertaker decided to apply the Undertaker style of fighting.

He turned the head of the student that bore John Cena upside down.

He smashed the head of John Cena on the floor and that was the end of that student.

The student died and the school was in trouble.

Control the kind of film your children watch as it impacts hugely in their lives.

(3) Personality

The personality of a child makes him who he is.

A child who loves to be addressed as a boss would always want to bully others.

(4) Teacher’s carelessness

The carelessness of a teacher also plays a big role when it comes to promoting bullying in the class.

Classroom bullies explore the fact that their teachers are not observant to bully others.

(5) Peer influence

This has to do with being influenced by friends into doing certain things.

Sometimes you notice that you are doing certain things ordinarily you cannot do.

You are doing those things because you joined your mates in doing them.

A child who is not a bully could be influenced by his friends to start bullying others.

So when it comes to what causes a child to bully others, it is a result of what he learnt from his peers.

Can a teacher be a bully?

Students And The Classroom Bully

The short and straightforward answer to the above question is “yes, a teacher can also be a bully”.

How is this possible? You might be asking.

Here is my response.

A teacher whom the children cannot relate to in terms of problem sharing is a bully.

Children are not comfortable with someone who constantly shouts or flogs them.

I could remember when I found it difficult to attend the class of one of my mathematics teachers those days.

That mathematics teacher was never an easy-going person.

If you ask questions in class, you will be dealt with.

A bully teacher is also seen when such a teacher is not ready to attend to the needs of students.

Many other things could make a teacher bully.

So classroom bullies are not just common among students, they can also be obtained from many unprofessional teachers.

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