She loved snoring at night and this made the boyfriend always uncomfortable.

“How do I celebrate my girlfriend on her birthday?” Joe questioned himself.

Snoring at night

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Okay, let’s get on with the story.

Every night from the day Jessica moved to Joe’s place, he has never had a good sleep.

Though he had refused to complain since he loves Jessica and wouldn’t want to break her heart by telling her he was not comfortable with her too many night snores.

All he wanted was the right way to tell her that he was uncomfortable with the night snores without hurting her feelings.

Have you ever heard a cow mooing before? That particular sound is the sound Jessica makes all night when she is asleep.

Joe was even scared the first night they slept together.

When they dozed off, Jessica began to snore.

The snoring woke Joe up. He wondered if a lost cow had wandered into his bedroom.

He later came to realise that his girlfriend who is now living with him snores.

Her birthday was fast approaching and he was yet to figure out any special birthday gift for Jessica.

Finally, he concluded by making her birthday a special one.

On that very day, he took her to an eatery joint, bought her food and took her to the supermarket where he bought her fine clothes.

He packaged an anti-snoring silicone for her and wrapped it behind a pair of sneakers which he bought for her.

When she got the gifts, she was so happy. Interestingly, the sneakers and the clothes were her size and also she was so happy with the anti-snoring silicone.

His worst fear was conquered. He maintained his relationship and till today, the lovers are the most discussed in town.

Take-home tips (the above snoring at night story)

  • Learn to break news without breaking someone’s heart.
  • Love should be the fulcrum of all relationships.

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