Family Pet: Why 80% of African Parents Hate Pets

Family pets have to do with animals families are fond of. This could be cats, dogs, pigeons etc.

What you are about to read is a story of how an African mother nearly disowned her son for saying that his cat was a member of the family.

Get your glass of juice, and sit tight while I take you through this journey of a comic family story.

How it all started

Thompson left his family’s house to go live in the city.

He made lots of money and decided to invite his mother from the village.

His mother is not used to city life so she on many occasions declined his invitations.

After so many pleas, she decided to travel to Umuahia to stay with her son and his family for one week.

On arriving at Umuahia, she was picked up by her son’s driver from the motor park.

When she arrived at his home, her son and his family were already outside to receive her.

Something quickly moved through the backyard at a high speed.

She noticed that something passed but couldn’t ascertain what it was.

She pretended not to see anything or ask anyone if they saw any black animal that swiftly passed through the backyard.

Thompson’s mother just kept everything to herself since she was not sure of what she saw.

Johnson is a family pet

Thompson and his family led her inside her sitting room and what she saw first at the opening of the door was Johnson, Thompson’s family cat.

“Jesus!” She exclaimed. When the children enquired why she exclaimed, she pointed at the black cat

“Oh, meet Johnson, he is a member of the family,” Thompson reported.

“God forbid. Member of which family? You must be mad” she retorted.

Thompson’s mother was so angry that she nearly left for the motor park to board the next available bus back to the village.

From the view of things, it was crystal clear that with the family pet around, the proposed one week stay of the old woman would be shortened to just a few hours.

The woman gave Thompson two options: either to get rid of the family pet or allow her to return to the village.

Thompson was locked up in a prison with two serious choices to make.

Finally, he gave in to the very difficult one which was allowing his mother to return to the village.

The old woman was quick to pack her stuff and head back to the village.

Why Many African Parents Hate Pets

Many African parents hate pets like dogs, cats etc due to their orientation toward these animals.

Why many African parents hate family pets

Our parents were made to believe that these animals carried evil anywhere they went.

A major animal with this form of hatred is the cat.

Many African parents believe that cats are the symbol of witches and if seen anywhere around your premises it should never be allowed to see the light of the day.

They attribute the predicaments to witches and wizards. Because cats have scary looking eyes, they decided to attribute the animal to witches.

A typical African parent can never stay under the same roof where cats are harboured as pets.

They can manage to live with dogs and or other animals but for cats, it is a no go area.

So if you want to invite your typical African mom to your residence, ensure that you have removed all family pets from within sight.

Can I have a family pet?

Family pets these days are wonderful animals to harbour in a family.

Though some people would not fancy it due to culture-related issues.

Because of what people view about cats in the African space, you rarely could find any family keeping cats as pets.

Unlike dogs, many people in Africa prefer to make dogs their very good friends but for cats, it is a no go area.

To them, everything about cats speaks of bad luck and evil.

You can’t have a cat as a pet in your house and you expect real African parents to see you as a normal person.

To them, it is either you are possessed or you have been initiated into an occultic society.

The truth is that African parents believe that cats represent evil.

Many dream interpreters in Africa have declared that seeing cats in dreams means nothing but demonic attacks.

They would go ahead to warn you to stay away from cats.

Another Family Cat Story

Let me share with you another cat-related story. This one, I tag it “demonic cat”.

There was a woman who for a long time had been looking for the fruit of the womb.

She went to her pastor and he declared forty days and forty nights of prayers for this woman.

On the fortieth day, the entire prayer warriors assembled at the home of this woman to pray for her.

While they were praying, the family cat ran past in the living room.

The pastor noticed the cat and declared that the cat should be gotten rid of for it was the reason for her barrenness.

At first, the woman disagreed due to the bond the entire family shared with the cat.

They finally agreed to let the church kill the cat.

Three years after the cat was killed, the woman was still childless.

From all indications, it is obvious that the pastor lied.

They killed the family cat for nothing and till today, the woman is yet to conceive talkless of putting to birth.

So for the question, if it was okay for you to have a family pet, my dear, you are more than welcome to have one.

What To Consider Before Acquiring A Family Pet

Why 80% of African parents hate family pets

Taking care of animals is one great thing many people love to do.

In most cases, taking care of these animals also can be demanding.

(1) Be Financially Ready: Anyone who wishes to have a family pet should consider the cost involved.

Taking care of dogs and or cats is never an easy thing.

You need money to keep them healthy and safe to live with humans.

Simple advice, if you don’t have the money to provide for your basic needs, it is advisable you forget about having a pet.

(2) Family Pet Hospital/clinic: Another thing you must consider when planning to have a pet is the availability of a veterinarian around your residence.

You need to know the possibility of reaching a pet clinic as soon as possible when your pet falls sick.

This would go a long way in helping you either by saving the life of your animal or the lives of people around.

Let’s say, for example, only animal specialists have the best technique to engage a hostile dog or cat.

If such a specialist is not available, the pet might end up becoming a problem for the owner and the entire neighbourhood.

(3) Land Laws: Before you start harbouring pets in your home, consider if the area you find yourself allows you to harbour such animals.

I know of a community that banned the harbouring of dogs.

The reason was that the animals posed a greater danger to visitors.

Also, they acknowledged the fact that their king was bitten to death by his dog.

Because of the king’s death, dogs were banned from the entire community.

Therefore it is very important you know if the land you find yourself in is in support of the harbouring of pets or not.

(4) Number Of Animals You Want: Also consider how many animals you want in your household.

Some people sometimes prefer to have many family pets to just a few.

You must consider whether it would be okay for your entire family or not.

If one is okay, you can go ahead to harbour one and if you think you can harbour two or more, it is left for you to make such a decision.

(5) Pets Or Security: you also need to consider if the animals are to be kept as pets or as security.

You can attest to the fact that many animals today, especially dogs, are being used for security reasons.

Well trained dogs assist the security forces in the arrest and pursuit of criminals or law offenders.

Having dogs for security purposes demands a lot of training and what have you.

So if you have the intention of having dogs for security, be ready to spend more for their training.


It is cool to have family pets but it would be very bad if you are financially imbalanced to manage the animals.

Before you go ahead to decide on having or harbouring a family pet ensure that all considerations are put in place.

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