It’s another funny story emanating from Nigeria. A presidential aspirant fed visitors today with carrots.

Nigeria presidential aspirant plans to feed us with carrots

Senator Shehu Sani, one of the outspoken individuals in Nigeria shared a horrible story of how they were given carrots to eat like rabbits.

Shehu Sani shares a story of how they ate carrots like rabbits in the house of a presidential aspirant

Sani decided to keep the aspirant’s name to himself to avoid public hammering.

He said he won’t be publishing the images or name of the aspirant so that Nigerians won’t keep the receipt.

The receipt in this context has to do with Nigerians reminding the senator in the future how he, among other visitors, ate carrots like rabbits in the house of a presidential hopeful.

“A presidential aspirant invited us for breaking of fast. Everyone present was uncomfortably eating carrots like Rabbit, because the man loves Carrots;I won’t post images for you to keep receipt.”

Just imagine that the presidential hopeful won the election. From the look of things, he will feed the whole country with carrots.

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