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Man’s inhumanity to man (the landlord and tenant story)

The saying that man makes his fellow man wicked is orchestrated by man’s inhumanity to man.

Making someone feel as if they are nothing or not humans is one of the reasons our society is in its present condition.

This is the story of a landlord and his tenant.

Man's inhumanity to man

Man’s inhumanity to man (the story)

Joseph’s house rent had expired and his landlord was on his neck to pay up.

His wife was heavily pregnant and there was no money to cater for her needs.

Joseph asked his landlord to give him more time to see how he can come up with the money for the house rent.

The landlord was getting tired of the continuous excuses.

After the number of months the landlord gave to Joseph and his family to pack out elapsed, he employed two hefty men to throw their properties out.

At the time this was happening, Joseph was going about seeking financial assistance.

No bank agreed to give him a loan since he had no reasonable property to serve as collateral.

He went to his friends and family to see if any one of them could lend him money.

All his efforts were fruitless at all times he initiated any.

He came back home and to his dismay, he saw his pregnant wife and four-year-old son outside their house with the house locked.

When he inquired about the reason they were outside and their properties thrown out, his wife narrated their ordeal.

Joseph could not hold the shame. He pleaded with his wife to stay calm with their son while he goes out again to see if he could be lucky.

He moved from one house to another but he remained unfortunate.

It was night and everywhere was dark.

Joseph was deep in thoughts. He was absent-minded in everything around him.

Unfortunately, a lorry at a high speed crushed him the moment he was crossing the road.

When the news about his sudden death got to the hearing of everyone, his landlord quickly went back and unlocked the house to escape being blamed by the public.

Friends who never visited him for once started visiting his wife from all corners of the world.

His friends and those who never helped him when he was alive gathered and contributed money for his funeral.

His landlord told the woman that she and her four-year-old son can stay in the house for three more years without paying a dime.

Final thoughts

Why is a man so mean to his fellow man? Man’s inhumanity to man has caused lots of problems in our society.

If Joseph’s landlord could be this good when he (Joseph) was alive, would Joseph have met his untimely death? The answer is NO.

The same is also applicable to his friends.

Joseph would have not died if his friends were ready to help him when he came to them begging for assistance.

Whatever good you will do for somebody, ensure it is done when he is still alive.

Well done on someone’s grave is a wasted effort.

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