make money in Biafra land

As everyone awaits the inevitable emancipation of Biafra, we must know what to do to make money.

Biafra is not here yet so it is very important to seek out what to do to earn a living.

Unfortunately, the so-called certificates acquired in Nigeria are just as useless as the educational system in the country.

One unfortunate reality in Nigeria is the very fact that after graduation, there is no available job.

Every year tens of thousands of students graduate from the university. Out of these many students only 1 or 2% of the population gain employment.

Tell me, what happens to the remaining 99 or 98% of the graduated students?

There is no available job in Nigeria. Because of these, I have come up with some of these helpful tips.

These tips would enable you to earn a living while we await the coming of the sovereign state of Biafra.

Everyone knows the real truth, which is that if Biafra comes, the issue of job security will become a problem no more.

How to make money in Biafra land

Discussing this, we shall be breaking it down into two perspectives; online and offline.

Offline ways of making money in Biafra land

What to do to make money in Biafra land
  1. Become a plumber: Do you know about plumbing? Of course, I don’t need to tell you the opportunities the job has when it comes to money-making.

If you don’t know about plumbing, I would advise you to acquire one.

There are many opportunities in plumbing. I know a lot of people who are into it and are making lots of money.

Make cool cash in biafra

2. Learn carpentry: Are you still seeing carpentry as a poor man’s job simply because those you know as carpenters in your village don’t seem to be feeding well?

My dear, you are just wasting your time and not ready to make moves.

Carpenters make huge lots of money. Imagine if you as a carpenter were given the contract of roofing a whole building.

Apart from the woods that would be needed to do the roofing, how much do you think they charge?

Those who know what they are doing in the field charge close to 1M or hundreds of thousands depending on the kind of house they are roofing.

Stop seeing carpentry jobs as a waste of time. People in that field are cashing out in real-time.

make Cool money in Biafra land

3. Distributor: Do you have a bike, motorcycle and or car? You can convert it into a distribution company.

Advertise yourself as someone who distributes stuff for people.

Your charge for each of your distributions solely depends on the distance.

Now that Biafra land is not yet restored, it would be quite helpful to learn these skills to help us make money in Biafra Land.

make money in Biafra land

4. Open a sachet water company: A sachet water company is making millions of naira every month.

Every day people need water to continue with their activities.

A bag of water before was bought at N100 and sold for N10 per sachet.

One bag is made of 20 sachets of water. 10 x 100 = 200. That is to say, you will have a profit of N100 if you sell a bag of water.

Due to the need to drink water, people consume about 10 sachets of water every day.

If you are found in an environment with a dense population, selling sachet water is a sure business that you wouldn’t know when it made you a millionaire.

If sachet water sellers can make a huge amount of money from selling sachet water, how much more do those who own the company make?.

Money invested in the sachet water business is not wasted money.

I know that when Biafra is restored, sachet water might no longer be in existence.

The reason is that the new nation would pursue everything possible to compete with developed countries of the world.

Sachet water is not sold in countries like the US, England etc.

So because Biafra hopes to run a modernized environment, sachet water companies might no longer exist.

But for now, Biafra is not here. Investing in sachet water or pure water business as we call it, is a good investment.

make money in Biafra land

5. Have A Poultry Farm: I can’t mention other sources of livelihood without mentioning owning a poultry farm.

Unlike sachet water companies, a poultry business will remain relevant even before and after Biafra’s sovereignty is restored.

Poultry Farm owners are cashing out from the poultry farms regularly (depends on the size of your farm).

Those who engaged in meat production only should start expecting profit from their business in their 6 to 7 months of establishment.

If you engage in egg production only, then you should start expecting your proceeds after 9 to 10 months of establishment.

Then expect more if you invested in both meat and egg production.

If your farm did not experience much mortality (death), then your door to becoming a millionaire just opened (depending on the size of your farm).

Opening a poultry farm is a lucrative business and Biafrans are encouraged to invest in it.

Buttressing the poultry farm business, if you have enough capital to extend to another animal rearing, it is a big shot to run away from hunger and poverty in Nigeria.

Advanced countries of the world hold their farmers in high esteem.

What makes you think that when Biafra is fully restored farmers will continue to have the kind of treatment they are currently facing in Nigeria?

My dear, try and invest in farming. It would be of great advantage even before and after Biafra is restored.

To summarize the offline ways of making money in Biafra land

There are lots of things you can do to make money offline in Biafra land.

Stealing is never what Biafrans are known for. Think about lucrative things you can do to earn a living.

Think about owning a farm, a distribution company or sachet water company and many others.

Never to forget is the bricklaying, plumbing and carpenter business.

People fail to remember that those with dirty jobs make more than those at offices earning 50k every month.

Online Ways To Make Money In Biafra Land

Now that we have been able to treat ways of making money offline in Biafra land, let’s talk about its online counterpart.

The question now is, can Biafrans make money online? The answer to this question is yes, yes and yes.

As a Biafran, you can make thousands if not millions online but it depends on what you do online.

Make money blogging in biafra
  1. Own A Blog: what question of the public can you answer? What questions do you think people are asking online and do you have the answer to those questions?

This is why you need to own a blog. With your blog, you can earn lots of money if you convert it to a business venture.

With your blog, you can make cool money by answering those questions people are asking.

People would always advise you to blog about what you are passionate about.

This advice is good in most cases and very bad in some cases.

Let me break it down.

It is fine in most cases because you won’t lack topics to discuss. Also, if the niche or topic is the type that yields money, then you are good to go.

Why it is bad to blog about something you are passionate about it because it doesn’t bring the money.

You are only advised to blog about things you are passionate about if you are not interested in making money from your blog.

But if the reverse is the case, I would suggest you look the other way.

Look for what people are searching for and try settling there.

It is usually a problem to answer a question you have no clue about.

Well, we go to school just to develop what we know and also learn what we don’t know.

You have to learn how a particular niche works and while you learn, you also teach others.

If you need a guide on how to be a blogger, this article will come in handy.

Make money in Biafranland

2. YouTube Account: Another cool way to make money in Biafra land is by creating a YouTube channel.

Creating an account is completely free. All you need is a Gmail account and you are good to go.

Many are cashing out millions from YouTube every month.

You can join these sets of people by opening your channel and putting in the effort.

Those who cash out from YouTube are those who took it as a business and always render useful information to the public.

YouTube is a video consumption platform. It is a platform where videos are uploaded.

There are no forms of video you will search for on YouTube that you won’t find apart from porn, hate, child abuse, and many others.

If you have a special skill, and you think people are in dire need of this skill or talent, my dear, your way to success has just begun.

Taking your YouTube channel very seriously is the only way you can make money from the platform.

Take a look at this article to get detailed information on why you need a YouTube channel.

3. Sell Online Courses: Let’s say there is this thing you know very well and you feel like teaching others.

You also want people to pay before they can have access to the tutorial.

Create an account in Udemy and you are good to go.

If your tutorial is in high demand, trust me, you have broken your chains of poverty.

See more on how to sell courses online.

What to do to make money in Biafra land

4. Sell ebooks: Ebooks are another way you can make money online in Biafra land.

Ebook stands for Electronic Books. It means the opposite of physical books. They are books in a digital form.

While handling a physical book and flipping over to the next page, with ebooks all you need is a reading device like a phone, computer and or other digital book-reading devices.

Ebooks have special applications that allow them to open on every device but this is not why we are here.

If you want to convert your knowledge into a book, then you are most welcome to start selling an ebook.

Write with your phone or computer, arrange the work and upload it to Gumroad, Kobo books or Amazon Kindle etc.

There are many platforms where you can create and sell your ebooks for free. Take a look at this article.

5. Apply for online jobs: Make money online by applying for jobs online.

You can create an account at Upwork and start doing some jobs related to your skill.

It is always best practice to have your resumé ready so that when the need arises you won’t have anything to prevent you from making that money.

Check out this information for a better understanding of how to apply for jobs online.

Become a dropshipper in Biafra

6. Dropshipping: Another cool way of making online is by dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a way of buying goods at a particular price and reselling it at a different price.

Let us say, for example, I bought a chair for $100 and sold it for $200.

I want to point out that dropshipping does not mean that you will need to use the materials first before selling them out.

No. The materials must be sold, in the same way, the way they were bought.

I don’t know if you have seen people’s Whatsapp status where they post different materials like clothes, shoes, etc.

When you ask for the amount of the products they will mention a particular amount for you.

The thing is this, they are not the actual owners of those goods.

Let’s say they told you that the cloth which you saw in their status is $1000. When you pay the $1000, they will go to the actual vendors of the clothes and pay for it.

They are likely going to buy the goods for $500. They will send you the cloth and keep for themselves a balance of $500.

That is how it is done. They get the actual price of the goods and add the amount during their advertisement.

You can get involved in dropshipping. One interesting thing about it is that how you place your price of the products is not the problem of the vendor.

The only thing is to ensure that the price you told your prospective customer shouldn’t be below the amount the vendor placed it.

What to do to make money in Biafra land

7. Become An Influencer: Are you a social media influencer who has thousands if not millions of followers?

My dear, you have an opportunity to break through from poverty.

Agencies will come to you to advertise their products and when that is done, your bank will always be smiling at you.

8. Social media management: Some social media influencers or celebrities do invite people to handle their social media accounts for them.

Your job as a manager is to keep your boss’s fans updated with the latest activity of your boss.

You don’t need to live with your boss to manage their account for them, you must manage their account for them and get paid for doing so.

What to do to make money in Biafra land

9. Affiliate Marketing: Are you good at convincing people into buying something they had no intention of buying?

My dear, I think you are a good match for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a way of advertising a product and when such a product is bought through the link you provided, you will get a commission.

The commission is like saying “job well-done one bro”. You will always have a commission for every product an individual buys as long as he/she uses your link to purchase the goods.

This deep guide on how to be an affiliate marketer will come in handy.

To summarize how to make money online in Biafra land

Remember we are discussing how you can make money online as long as you are living in Biafra land.

I know very well that at the time of writing this article, Biafra has not gained her freedom.

All hope is on Chukwu Okike Abiama. The enemies of Biafra shall be shamed at the appointed time.

Making money online in Biafra land is super cool only if you know what you are doing.

If you have special skills to better your life then think of YouTube, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, blogging etc.

There are many ways you can make money online. The question is, how prepared are you?


Am glad I have been able to inform Biafrans and lovers of freedom and of some of the things they can do to earn a living both offline and online.

How prepared are you to make a change for yourself while we wait for the emancipation of the sovereign state of Biafra?

The truth is that life won’t be as difficult as it is now when Biafra comes.

For now, efforts to earn a living shouldn’t be sidelined for any reason whatsoever.

Hope this information was helpful. Feel free to leave us your comment.

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