The Little Stephanie and the Hot Pot

The Little Stephanie and the Hot Pot

“Mommy! The pot is hot!” Shouted the little Stephanie.

Have you read about the story of The Little Stephanie and the Hot Pot? If you’re not welcome on board.

At the end of the story, I would like you to leave your opinions behind.

You will tell us if you supported what Stephanie’s father did or if you are against it.

So let’s get this story started.

Little Stephanie and the Hot Pot

Stephanie was a 5 years old beautiful girl who loved to eat.

Her parents have tried everything possible to make her control her thirst for food but it wasn’t yielding any positive fruit.

When everyone goes to bed, little Stephanie will always sneak to the kitchen to eat whatever is left.

Her parents tried to employ the hands of a nanny to see if it would help in controlling her urge for eating too much.

Later, the little girl began to steal from the kitchen. This was after the kitchen was continuously locked because of her.

When they (her parents) realised that the services of the nanny weren’t yielding any positive fruit as to why she was employed, they sacked her.

The little Stephanie’s parents explored all means to ensure that their child stopped stealing from their kitchen but it wasn’t working.

One fateful morning, her father sat all to himself and was thinking about his daughter.

He thought to himself why his daughter had ended up becoming someone that steals from their kitchen.

Her father decided on a plan which he never shared with his wife.

He knew beforehand that if he tells his wife she might likely disapprove of it.

The arrival of the Hot Pot

Stephanie’s dad went out and bought a pot. The pot was made of hard steel.

The pot was the type that helps to contain heat for quite a long period.

He never revealed the pot to the wife not until after the incident happened.

After the preparation and consumption of dinner, everyone had gone to bed.

Having known the particular time Stephanie usually goes to steal from the kitchen, her father went thirty minutes before that time.

He heated the remnants of the night’s dinner using the new pot he bought.

Left the pot where little Stephanie can find it without hazel.

It was the normal time Stephanie normally sneaks into the kitchen, she found the pot partially open.

On touching the cover of the pot, the hotness of the pot triggered her to scream.


Her mom and dad ran straight to the kitchen and behold, Steph was on the floor crying.

“Mommy, the pot is hot!” She said amidst tears.

Her mother noticed that the pot wasn’t hers. Her husband told her after they took Steph to her room that he bought the pot.

His reason for buying the pot was to achieve what happened that night.

It caused a big problem between the husband and wife but the hot pot served its purpose.

Little Stephanie stopped sneaking into the kitchen to steal food again.

She became scared of pots. To her, after that incident, all pots were hot.

It was after she grew up and got married that her parents shared the story of what happened to her when she was 5 years old.


Now let’s discuss. Irrespective of the fact that the Hot Pot achieved its purpose, did you think Stephanie’s father was right through the means he used at inculcating good morals in his child?

If you think he was wrong what do you think would have been the best way to instil better behaviour in Steph?

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