86fb legit or scam

There is an available platform that has been around for some time now. 86fb, a platform that allows you to get paid for betting.

Many people are using this platform because they are getting paid for betting.

Questions like “is the platform legit or is it a scam?” have a continuous trend.

It would be great to inform you that with 86fb, you have nothing to be worried about.

Have you thought of betting for a team to win a match and at the end of the day they lose? The unfortunate thing becomes the case, which is, that your money will also get lost because the team you supported to win, actually lost the game.

With 86fb you have nothing to fear. As long as you are following the simple rules of the platform, you will bet for a team to win or lose or draw a match and have it credited.

A random person bets his money hoping for a loss or wins while those who bet on 86fb are not afraid of anything.

If you bet and it did not work according to how the company gave you the game, the company will pay you back.

That is to say, if in the process of betting and you lost (after playing the game the company gave to you) your money will be refunded 100%.

So with 86fb, there is no cause for alarm.

What is 86FB?

86FB is a football betting platform under the City Football Group.

It is a joint venture holding company in the UAE, the UK and China.

Based in Manchester, it operates and manages several football clubs around the world, and has a club certified and regulated by the local government in Nigeria.

Interesting to know, it has set up a legal Internet sports event investment company.

This is a platform that gives us the opportunity for us to place a correct score at the opposite position.

In the sense that when you stake a game to play 3-2 and they didn’t do it you WON and when they played 3-2 you get your money back.

Is 86fb legit or a scam?

As I pointed out earlier, from my experience, this platform is a legit company.

Many testimonies have emanated from people who have used the platform.

Many were scared because of their experiences with many other platforms.

With 86fb, you have nothing to worry about.


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It would also interest you to know that a sitting senator in Nigeria is cashing out 1.5 million Naira daily using this platform.

The truth is that I don’t know what you are still waiting for.

Register now and start smiling at your bank account regularly.

(UPDATE) 86FB current financial problem

The betting platform is currently facing financial issues.

These problems are in line with the company’s inability to payout to its members.

So far, many are finding it difficult to withdraw from the platform.

Owners of the company have blamed flutterwave for hoarding their money and making it difficult to payout their members.

However, flutterwave has countered this assertion as they (flutterwave) are noticing some form of fraudulent practices.

Flutterwave is a payment processing company. It is through their platform that 86FB do money transaction with their players.

So far, the problem of none payment is what the company is facing.

I hope to update this post when everything have returned to normalcy.

Win lots of money with 86fb

Steps on how to register

Below are step-by-step ways to join or create an account with the 86FB platform.

  • Log in to their website
  • Enter your preferred Username
  • Create password
  • Enter referral code (if any. If you join the platform using my referral code, you shall have a code (in form of numbers) already seated in the box.
  • Enter your phone number
  • Click on register.

When the registration is successful, you will be required to log in with your details. So all you need to do is to enter your Username and password.

Is there any room for the referral?

I know that many of us hate it when referrals are mentioned. That is, you can only get paid when you refer people to the platform.

Well, if you must know, such a thing is not obtainable in 86fb. With or without referrals you can make cool money from the betting platform.

While you feel free to continuously bet and win your money, it would also be super cool to take a look at some benefits if you referred people.

Benefits of referrals in 86fb

There are three benefits, the first point is the promotion of the reward.

5 effective direct subordinates (referrals). Reward 7K
20 effective direct subordinates. Reward 33K
50 effective direct subordinates. Reward 80K
100 effective direct subordinates. Reward 200K

Direct subordinates are members who registered using your link. Direct subordinates are level 1 agents

Second, the team’s salary

  • The team reaches 50 effective subordinates. Monthly salary 20K
  • The team reaches 200 effective subordinates. 150K monthly salary
  • The team reaches 500 effective subordinates. Monthly salary 350K
  • The team reaches 1,000 effective subordinates. Monthly salary 1m
  • The team reaches 50 effective subordinates. Among them, there are 15 first-level members, with a monthly salary of 60K.
  • The team reaches 200 effective subordinates. Among them, there are 60 level 1 member and a monthly salary of 220K.
  • The team reaches 500 effective subordinates. Among them, there are 150 Level 1 members with a monthly salary of 800K.
  • The team reaches 1000 effective subordinates. Among them, there are 300 first-level members, and the monthly salary is 1.5m.

For example, if the team grows to 50 team members, the agent can earn 20K per month. If 15 tier 1 members out of 50 team members, the agent can get a 60K to upgrade the salary

You should understand that;

Level 1 agents are members who register using your link. Level 2 agents are members who register using the links of level 1 agents. Level 3 agents are members who register using the link of level 2 agents

The third point is the rebate of the profit earned by the downline. The agent can get a rebate of 10% of the profit of the 1st-level member and 5% of the profit of the 2nd-level member. 3% of the profit for level 3 members

For example, if a level 1 member earns 100K today, the agent will automatically settle the 10K rebate in the account at 2 am the next day.

Level 2 members earn 100K profits, and agents can get 5K rebates.

Level 3 members earn 100K profit and agents earn 3K commission.

How long do I have to wait to get paid?

Payments are instant or you would need to wait for a few hours.

Because of many activities, it could take a few hours to seek your payment.

How many times in a day can I play?

The game usually comes 3 times a day. The first game starts at 11 am, the second at 4:30 pm and finally by 9:00 pm.

In order not to miss out on any of the opportunities, it is always advisable that you set an alarm that will always remind you to play the game when it is time.

How much can I register with?

This I trust was already taken care of in one of the subheadings above.

The minimum you can register to start playing the game and earn is 3,500. It has no maximum. That is to say, you can stake more than

3,500 but shouldn’t be less.

Make money with 86fb

How do I deposit?

So let’s say the registration is complete and you would want to fund your 86fb.

All you have to do is to go to your profile, locate “Deposit” and follow the procedures.

You can choose any form of transfer, but I would always encourage you to use the “Debit Card Transfer option”.

This is because it is faster and easier.

How do I withdraw?

To withdraw your money is almost the same thing as depositing.

All you have to do is to go to your profile and click on the “Withdraw” button.

Follow the steps and withdraw your money straight to your account.

Final words on 86FB

Are you still confused about what to do? Are you still wondering if 86fb is a legit or scam platform?

If you read this article thoroughly, trust me you won’t have any cause to be afraid.

The platform is legit and registered. Even when you bet using the same numbers the company gave to you and it fails, the company will refund you.

But be careful not to bet on your own accord. If you do so, there is a possibility of you losing all your money.

To register, join this downline here.

Remember that the games are at 11 am, 4:30 pm and 9 pm daily.

Set an alarm to always remind you of the game you are to play.

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