Life in the village is the most enjoyable and affordable among other lifestyles.

Living an extraordinary life in the village

A village is a remote environment populated by individuals who share common interests and collective responsibilities.

To some people, village life is a local lifestyle which makes an individual inferior to his mates.

Unfortunately, many who are caught in this web tend to be having this inferiority complex.

I have come to notice that many children who live in the city see their fellows in villages as failures.

Even those who live in the village also believe that they are not exposed enough.

To them, those children who returned from the city are more exposed than they are.

Village life (a short story)

I want to share the story of Solomon who travelled to the city and had no hope of coming back.

Solomon left for the city at the age of 13 by one of his father’s friends.

For years, Solomon refused to come back home.

He was the only child of the family and as supposed he was to return home often.

At his 20, Solomon forcefully saw himself in the village.

His first week of arrival was an uncomfortable one for him.

Weeks later, he settled in. Solomon was gradually understanding that life in the city was completely different from life in the village.

Since he was an only child and done with his secondary school, he started a business in the village.

His business was the type that no one in that same village had dreamt of doing.

Since he had no competitor, his business skyrocketed.

Two years later, Solomon got married to a beautiful lady from another community.

Their love story started when she came to their shop of Solomon and bought goods.

She forgot the goods she bought and after two days, she returned to him and he gave them back to her.

They fell in love and finally married.

Solomon’s business boosted further as his wife joined him.

Rounding the story

From the above story one can attest to the fact that even in the village, there are opportunities there.

Many leave the village for the city in search of greener pastures.

Owning to the fact that people are leaving the villages in their numbers, makes business less competitive.

Living an extraordinary life in the village

Is life toxic in the village?

Village life is never toxic. The only problem is that many view it to be toxic.

What could be more toxic than facing different kinds of pollution every day?

In the cities, you will experience things like noise pollution, carbon monoxide pollution, overpopulation, etc.

Villages have little to a low form of this pollution and discomfort.

I have come across many parents who argue that children in the village are stark illiterate and not open to the modern lifestyle.

The truth is I disagree with parents who think that children in villages are illiterate.

Not all individuals are illiterates. Even in the city, there are illiterates.

Some time ago, a parent brought back to the village his child to join others in the village to write a scholarship examination.

The examination and scholarship were to be sponsored by Shell Oil and Gas company.

All the kids that were to write the exam got ready.

The man was busy boasting about his child’s level of intelligence.

To him, his child will emerge the best among all the children sitting for the scholarship examination.

After the exam, to the shock of the man, his daughter didn’t score half of the needed cut off mark.

While the man accused the examiners of partiality, his daughter was busy telling him that the questions were hard. Lol.

So it is unfortunate that we see those in the village to be illiterate compared to those that live in the city.

Why do families prefer cities to villages

Many families prefer cities to villages because they feel that there are more opportunities in the city.

In the cities, better forms of education are experienced, unlike in the villages where the government is not interested in the welfare of the teachers and learners.

Parents also prefer living in the city because in the city they tend to know more people from different localities.

In the villages, you are only exposed to members of your community a very few strangers.

In the cities, the reverse is the case. You tend to know or see more strangers than the people you know.

This gives more encouragement to working with people you don’t know as the belief goes that they won’t disappoint.

Another reason why people prefer cities to villages is that the government tends to focus on a city or urban development rather than a village or rural development.

This is why we don’t see more of the government’s presence in most villages.

Can I find true love in the village?

Yeeeah! Do you want to find true love I would say you should travel to the village?

Indeed, you can equally find true love in the city but many times, they are mostly found in the villages.

Many people you see in the cities are all interested in making money.

While in the village, you tend to find people who would give you the desired attention.

So the question of if you can find true love in the village has a yes yes answer.

Best villages to marry from

If you are looking for the best villages to marry from, you are covered.

I won’t bore you with a list but I would like you to understand that all villages in the world are great places you can marry from.

At this juncture, I would also want to chip in something. If you want a particular village to marry from, try and fall in love with a woman from Umuaka and you won’t regret it

Benefits of living in the village

Life in the village is indeed completely different from life in the city.

Just like in the city, life can also be enjoyable in the villages.

Contrary to the swimming pools in the cities, villages have streams where you can easily go and take your bath, have fun etc.

Swimming pools are not naturally built, unlike streams in the local villages.

In the cities, the issue of noise pollution is indeed alarming whereas, in the villages, noise is reduced to the minimum.

Cities are overcrowded while villages are depopulated.

In villages, security is a collective responsibility while in the city, the issue of security is left to a few individuals like the government.

There are many more things you can benefit from in a village. Stop seeing villages as areas no reasonable human being lives.


Life in the village is second to none when it comes to living healthy.

Demonizing the interest in living in the village should be completely wiped off.

Living in an overpopulated city with almost all the facilities is still dangerous compared to living in the villages with few facilities.

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