UNBELIEVABLE: Davido spends $30k in one night

Davido is about to spend thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) in just one night. An unbelievable possibility.

Omo, if no one has encouraged you to go and make money then you have a big question to ask yourself.

The millionaire star in Nigeria, David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido has shared on his verified twitter account that he plans not to spend anything less than $30,000 on Thursday night.

Davido tweeted a picture of himself and some group of his friends where they were having a nice time together.

“A night out like this will cost me none less than $30,000. We do this to Inspire not oppress ! Gang”

Davido spends $30k in one night

Davido shared that the night will cost him anything not less than $30k

I don’t mean 30,000 Naira, I mean 30k in Dollars.

As at the time of sharing this story, Naira was at 415.65 to 1 Dollar.

If you multiply 415.65 by 30,000 you will be getting a whooping sun of Twelve million, four hundred and sixty nine thousand, five hundred Naira (12,469,500.00).


Davido pours out his love for Mercy Chinwo

So my fellow human being spent more than 12 million naira in just one night.

This same amount can acquire an individual at least 3 plots of land somewhere in someone’s village.

The honest truth is that people are really spending money.

While many are crying that they can’t afford to buy food for themselves, there are people out there spending the amount someone’s home could cost in just one night.

12 plus something million naira in one night? Davido is indeed a special breed.

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