What to do to your child for fighting

What would you do if you were having a good/bad day at the office and you got a phone call from your child’s school informing you that your child had been suspended?

The entire case will flame up, especially if you were having a bad day at work.

No parent prays for his/her child to be suspended from school.

Some of these suspensions are possible when the child is involved in serious offences that its punishment is weighed beyond actualizing in the school’s premise.

What to do when your child is suspended from school

(1) Sit back for some minutes

When you receive a message from your child’s school informing you that your child was suspended, it would be cool to sit back on your chair for 10 minutes before driving to your child’s school.

The ten minutes you managed to sit back on your seat would go a long way in helping you manage the situation well.

If maybe you were angry, sitting back for that number of minutes would help you ease up.

(2) Hear from the school management

It is always cool to listen to the school management on why your child was suspended.

Listening to the school’s report would enable you to know the kind of punishment you can give to your child.

(3) Hear your child’s part of the story

It is also important for you to hear your child’s part of the story.

Sometimes a child might be innocent of what he/she is accused of.

Meanwhile, while you listen to your child’s part of the story, it is also important you understand that children have their way of presenting issues to avert any possible punishment. You have to be very careful.

Only parents who know everything about their children can detect the truth and lies in their children’s words.

suspended from school for fighting

Punishments for children suspended at school

When your child is suspended at school for any reason like fighting, stealing etc, it is your duty as a parent to avoid taking sides with your child

You need to punish him or her to make him or her understands that what he/or she did was wrong and you are not in support of it.

Some of these punishments may include;

(1) YARD CLEANING: many children hate doing jobs at home. They don’t derive joy in cleaning their environment.

This is where you have to force them.

Provide them with the needed materials so that they can start serving the punishment for fighting at school.

Fighting or stealing at school is a very serious offence.

You don’t need to let it slide.

While the school administration gave their punishment which is the child’s suspension, you as a parent also need to place your form of punishment.

One of these punishments like I have mentioned is arming them with cleaning materials to clean your entire compound.

(2) CUT OFF SOCIAL RELATIONSHIP: within the period of the suspension, the child should be avoided seeing friends.

Your child should be completely grounded until the number of weeks/months of the suspension are complete.

(3) SEIZE ALL PLEASURES: those things that make him/her happy should be withdrawn from him/her.

If your son derives joy in playing games, riding bikes, etc, seize those things from him.

(4) PARENTAL ADVICE: it is of great profit to advise your child on why it was wrong to fight or steal in school.

Advising your child is another form of punishment but it is positive.

Your child would be made to understand that what he did was wrong.

He will feel it within him and definitely would feel sorry for his action.

The primary reason for any of these punishments is to discourage them from fighting next time.

(5) WRITE AN APOLOGY LATER: Another way you can sanction your child is by compelling him to write an apology letter.

He should write three apology letters addressing you, his school’s management and his colleagues at school.

In the apology letters, he must apologize for fighting at school and also promise not to behave in such ways that would lead to another suspension.

Also in the letter, he should indicate what would be his punishment if he ever acts in such a way again.

This would serve as an undertaking and will guide his every action when he returns to school.

What to do when your child is suspended from school for fighting


When a student is suspended from school it, therefore, means that that student has committed an offence that cannot be managed at school.

Parents should not take this attitude lightly. Don’t allow your child to continue having his pleasure when he is suspended.

Let him know that you are not happy with his suspension by punishing him in more positive ways.

This would make him understand that you are not in support of him fighting in school.

Some parents love to pamper their kids, never be like them.

Sanction your child and make him understand that you are on the side of the school.

Make him understand that it is a bad thing to either fight or steal in school.

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