What makes a child to hate his parents? (See 6 causes)

One of the many problems that exist in some families is the hate some children have for their parents.

What causes a child to hate their parents?

Some would ask, what causes a child to hate their parents?

The truth is that why some children hate their parents differs from family to family and also individual to individual.

Before we go into what we have for today let’s take our time to read this short true-life story.

The true-life story of a child’s hate for his parents

After much pressure from his family, Joshua decided to take the bull by its horn.

His parents had made a mockery of him. They said he was lazy and can’t be like his mates who are out there making money and helping their families.

Joshua tried to condone his parents’ insults but at all times he tried, it worsens.

He decided to make money no matter what it takes.

A friend of his introduced him to armed robbery.

Joshua became an armed robber. After succeeding for the first time, the second time he was apprehended.

He was charged to court and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

They allowed him to have a little time with this family before going into prison.

No one knew how he managed to snatch a policeman’s gun and shoot at his parents.

That was worsening the whole verdict against him.

What hatred could be more than a child taking the life of his parents in broad daylight?

Even when he took the shot, he said “now, justice is served”.

What causes a child to hate their parents?

Hope you understood the story. Now let’s continue with our earlier discussion.

Why do most kids hate their parents?

Some children hate their parents because of the following reasons among many others;

  • Unequal love
  • Misleading
  • Fighting regularly
  • Not happy with their achievement
  • Laissez-faire attitude
  • Unconscious lifestyle

Now let’s briefly explain each of the above-mentioned points.

(1) Unequal Love: Many parents have the habit of showing unequal love among their children.

This brings about disunity in a family because many will feel that they are not welcomed in their own family.

A child who feels inferior in his own family tends to hate his siblings and the parent that is involved.

So when you show your children,n unequal love, be ready to be hated by the child who feels he/she is cheated on in the family.

The only and lasting solution to this problem is to ensure that all your children no matter age or status receive equal love from you.

(2) Misleading: Another parent that is hated by his/her kids is the one that misleads them.

When you mislead a child into doing evil, what makes you feel that such a child would be happy with you when he realizes it?

You as parents are more experienced in life than your children.

It therefore means that you should know when you are misleading your child or leading him/her in the right direction.

Avoid misleading your children if you think you want to share in their love.

(3) Fighting Regularly: ahaa! This is another big factor that forces kids into hating their parents.

Parents that fight regularly encourage their children to start hating them.

You as a mother or father might pretend to love your kids but when you remember that your spouse is their father or mother, you see yourself transferring that hate to them.

Couples must learn to stop all this domestic violence to protect the child.

Fighting in the family brings about breakups and also forces the children to hate their parents.

(4) Not Happy With Their Achievements: this point depicts the story I shared earlier.

When a parent is not happy with their children’s level of achievements, it brings about chaos.

Children hate their parents because they are not happy with them.

Instead of being encouraged to try harder, they are forced into doing things that society frowns at.

Joshua in the above story said, “now justice is served”.

To him, if he dies in prison or if the judge changes his verdict, he would be happy in the land of the dead.

Parents should be proud of their children no matter how little their children have achieved.

Encourage them to push more. Trust me, lots of things will turn out positively.

(5) Laissez-faire Attitude; A laissez-faire attitude that attitude portrays a lack of interest in something.

Read more on the meaning of laissez-faire attitude.

Ordinarily, we call it an I-don’t-care attitude.

Many parents don’t care about the well-being of their children.

Some parents also don’t give a damn if a child is doing the right thing or not.

One of the biggest mistakes any parent would make is to cultivate a laissez-faire attitude towards their children.

Everything that concerns your child should concern you.

Stop seeing it as something that matters to your spouse alone.

When a child feels loved by a particular parent, he reciprocates.

The other parent who displays an I-don’t-care attitude suffers the kid’s hatred.

(6) Unconscious Parent:

Like the laissez-faire parents, a child hates a parent who is not conscious of them.

You must be active to listen to your child’s “cry for help”.

An unconscious parent shares the same quality as a lease affair parent.


From the above discussion, we have been able to treat some of the basic causes of the hate children have for their parents.

As a parent, you must ensure that your child doesn’t have any form of hatred for you.

It is one of the things that bring about disunity in a family.

And when your child develops this hatred for you, sorry, you just got finished.

In short, words, fight for your child’s love. It is very very important.

Thank you for reading. Do well to share it as many that would want to read this.

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