Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold got everyone talking when he spoke about money not bringing happiness.

Lol, Adekunle Gold, a popular Nigerian artist, has decided to create confusion on social media.

The fine musician made a contradictory statement which also passed a fine message.

Gold said that he knew that money doesn’t bring about happiness. He came to realise this the moment he made money.

Though his prayer is for everyone to make money.

Gold said he is not a hypocrite that is why he is praying for others to also make money.

“Money no dey bring happiness
Na when I get money I realize
But I no be hypocrite
I dey pray make you get your own too..”

Money has caused lots of issues in Nigeria.

Sometimes we hear cases where people sell others for money.

We also have heard of situations where people do disgusting and illegal things to make money.

But why would Adekunle Gold contradict himself by saying that money does not bring happiness but he is praying for everyone to make money?

Maybe some issues are left for private consumption.

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