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Have you uploaded a video of many hours and you are blessed with Google’s heartbreaking message that the content in your video has a copyright claim? YouTube copyright ban is one dangerous thing you must try to avoid as a content creator.

Well, if you have not experienced it, trust me, it is something you wouldn’t want to experience.

I could remember some time ago when I uploaded a one hour plus movie (my first movie as an up-comer in the movie industry). After many hours and so many megabits that were burnt to achieve the video upload, YouTube still removed the video.

They told me that the content (music) in the video belonged to another person who had laid a copyright claim on it.

Well, it is my first time uploading on YouTube. I didn’t take my time to do my homework very well before uploading any video.

Well, removing the video from the YouTube platform did not deter me.

I went ahead to re-edit the video. The song in the video that had a copyright claim was removed.

Once again, I re-uploaded the video and today, no copyright claim again.

How to avoid copyright content on YouTube

What is a copyright claim?

According to Wikipedia, A copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to copy and distribute a creative work, usually for a limited time. The creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form.

Copyright material is any material or content that the sole owner controls every aspect of the material.

Using such material with the knowledge of the owner means you have a copyright license to use the material.

This is why you must seek the approval of a content owner before using such content.

If you end up using someone’s property without their permission, it is condemnable by law and of course, you can risk many years in prison if convicted.

Effects of YouTube copyright ban

YouTube is sensitive when it has to do with issues of copyright.

As a part of the content policies, you are not allowed to share contents that you don’t have permission to use or are not completely yours.

A continuous upload of copyright materials can lead to suspension or ban.

In some cases, you will not be banned nor would the content be taken down.

You will receive a notification via your email that the content in your recently uploaded video has a copyright claim.

How YouTube copyright messages are influenced or presented

Copyright messages sent to you by YouTube can be influenced in some ways.

  • Your video could be removed if it was declared by the owner.
  • YouTube can allow your video to remain on the platform but any remuneration (earnings) the video garners goes straight to the copyright claimer.
  • They can also send you a message telling you that the content is not yours but no serious sanction is accursed. That is to say, you are free to use the video but bearing in mind that contents in the video belong to another person.

How to get copyright-free contents

From my perspective, you can get copyright-free content (songs) for YouTube through any of these three means

  1. Seek for permission
  2. Download
  3. Create your own

1. Seek permission

To get the free content you wish to use in your video, try everything possible to avoid songs of well-known artists in your area.

You can reach out to upcoming artists and inform them of your interest in using their songs to add up in your video.

The same is also applicable to celebrities. If you think you can reach out to celebrities whom you want to use their songs in your video, you can reach out to them.

What is more important is the fact that you seek their permission before usage.

The reason is that, when you use these contents that are not your own without their permission, you will end up in prison if they decide to take the matter to the next level (court).

2. Download

You can also source online free sites where you can download copyright-free content.

It is better to get from free platforms than using those songs of other people without their permission.

3. Create

Another way of getting a copyright-free song for your next project is by creating it afresh.

It would be a good bonus if you know about beat/music-making.

If you don’t know beat or song-making, you can spend a few dollars by going to a local music studio and getting some sounds done.

Where to download copyright-free music and sound effects for YouTube

To download copyright-free songs for your project, go to the YouTube audio library.

In this library, you will find lots of songs you can use for free in your project.

So don’t get yourself messed up in the stress of uploading your video and having it removed because of copyright claims.

Create your songs by going to a studio or downloading free YouTube audio and or sound effects.

This practice would help you escape the possibility of making the time spent on your video production worth it.

See a video of how you can download a YouTube copyright-free audio.

Nobody is ready to waste resources on anything these days. Better learn to solve problems before they become a problem.

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