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Visit Umuaka and learn how to make money

Visit Umuaka and learn how to make money
Umuaka round about

Your visit to Umuaka is not yet complete until you learn how to make money there.

Unfortunately, Umuaka has received many bad impressions from neighbouring communities even from those who have never visited the community before.

Many have described people from Umuaka with unspeakable words/statements.

The worst is that, wherever you find yourself, you find it difficult to introduce yourself as someone from Umuaka.

This is as a result of what will follow next if you open your mouth to say that you are from that community.

Because of the sin of one or two persons, people have concluded by making a general statement that all people from Umuaka are the same.

The truth is that every person is not the same.

Every society has bad eggs. So saying that all people from this great community are thieves is uncalled for.

You need to wear a shoe to know where it hurts.

My humble suggestion is, if you don’t know anything about this God blessed community, refrain from speaking ill about them.

If you have not been to Umuaka, you can’t believe the fact that that community is one of the best in Imo state and Igboland by extension.

How Umuaka can make you hunger for money

It is no longer news that Umuaka is a God-blessed community endowed with all kinds of personalities.

If you wish to become successful and you lack motivation, visiting Umuaka should be encouraged.

Honestly, if you think you lack the motivation to become successful in life, you need to visit Umuaka.

Members of this community, especially the youths, compete who builds the most beautiful house.

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That is to say, all of them are making efforts to become successful and also join others in the competition of who builds the most beautiful house.

This healthy competition among villagers has brought about so much revolution in the area of new beautiful houses.

It in order words has brought about beauty in the village making it hard to believe that it is just a common community with little to no state/federal government presence.

If you eventually travel to Umuaka and someone tells you that it is just an ordinary village in Imo state, you won’t believe it.

Due to the beautiful house revolution that is ongoing in the community, one can hardly say that the community is not a city.

Well, you can sideline it when mentioning cities because it still lacks some of those basic qualities that make up a city.

But the truth is that Umuaka has graduated to a modern society where almost all amenities necessary for life are obtainable.

When you get to Umuaka, 97% of the youths are hustling to make wealth.

Many have travelled out of the country while many are around.

The major quest is to make wealth and be able to join in the building of the community.

Visiting Umuaka is something you would want to do.

When you visit, try as much as possible to tour the community.

You will come to realize that the community is not really what it is presented as.

If you are a youth try to visit Umuaka and see for yourself how your fellow youths are trying to convert a village to an ultra-modern society.

This you can also replicate in your society. The people of Umuaka are not really what people say that they are.

They are completely different. No man from Umuaka is interested in killing anyone to personalize his wealth.

At Umuaka, when you see ultramodern facilities built by youths, the joy and quest to make money will certainly develop in you at its accord.

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