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Why my family lawyer made advances on me

Why my family lawyer made advances on me

Cynthia shares her story of the exact reason their family lawyer was making advances on her.

Cynthia Thomas is an undergraduate whose father died a few weeks ago.

Due to some controversies that emanated among her and her siblings, they decided to call for the attention of their family lawyer.

“My brothers began to have unnecessary arguments as it regards our father’s properties.

Our mom died a long time ago after she gave birth to the last born of the family.

The fight between my siblings concerning our father’s properties was gradually becoming bloody.


Arrest upon arrest was taking place. I decided to visit our family lawyer to know if there could be any remedy to the problem.

On getting to the lawyer, I was surprised to hear that our late father wrote his Will before his death.

The lawyer walked up to me and was smiling. He told me that he was liking me but didn’t know how to tell me.

Why my family lawyer made advances on me

I told him that this wasn’t the right time for that. My family is on fire. He should come and read the Will so that every person would have rest.

He promised to come by the weekend and asked me to inform other members of the family.

Before I left his office, he asked me to think over what he told me.

I smiled and closed the door behind me.

On reaching home, I informed my troubling brothers that the family lawyer will be coming to the house by the weekend.

I also informed them that Papa wrote his Will before he passed on.

At least, after listening to the Will, all of us shall know what and what belongs to whoever it belonged to.

This brought about calmness in the family. Until the weekend, no one had any form of fight or whatsoever with anyone”.

It’s weekend and the family lawyer had arrived

“The long-awaited weekend was here and the lawyer had arrived.

Every person gathered and the lawyer began by telling every one of us to be civil while he reads the Will of our late father.

He further said that any person who is not satisfied with what the old man had written can challenge it in court.

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The lawyer challenged that he was ready to defend the Will to whatever level anyone feels like taking it to.

Everyone told him to start reading the Will for there won’t be a need for all that.

My family lawyer

The lawyer began to read the Will. After reading, it was understood that our late father gave me 60% of his properties.

The remaining 40% was shared among my three brothers.

This nearly brought up another uproar but they finally settled down because they were the reason our father died.

Due to their nonchalant attitude and unending hatred for each other, our father died of a heart attack.

Peace finally returned to the family. I was surprised that my father gave me 60% of his properties.

Though among all his children I was the only person that was too close to him.

The lawyer invited me to his place. Instead of his office, he invited me for dinner at his place.

I got there and used the address he gave me. The food was already set waiting for someone to come and devour them.

The lawyer asked me what my decision was concerning his interest in me.

I told him that I was still thinking about it. It wasn’t something that you could just conclude. So I needed more time to make a decision.

He said that he can’t wait to be part of my life and part of the bearers of my late father’s properties.

That statement alone passed the message of what our family lawyer truly wanted.

He is not asking me to be his girlfriend because he loves me but because of the properties my father gave to me.

I smiled and told him that I can’t wait to make that decision too.

I pretended not to understand his game. I left the house after dinner and when I got back home, I called him and told him I had concluded.

The possibility of our being lovers wasn’t possible because I wasn’t ready to share my matrimonial home with a man whose main focus is on my father’s properties.

While he tried to defend himself, I ended the call. I wasn’t ready for any of his self-defence mechanisms.

This is because lawyers know how to defend themselves.

They know that something is blue but they would want to convince you to accept that that thing is yellow contrary to its original colour.

That was how I escaped the evil claws of my family lawyer” she said.

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