Many ladies have disapproved of being in a relationship with a bachelor because they don’t have money.

The truth is that no man or woman is created to be ugly.

When you don’t have money, finding true love or talking to a woman is usually a problem.

A bachelor without love is a result of the very fact that he has an empty pocket (poor).

Do you know that I have thought to myself, “am I going to find love with this my current financial problem?”

Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve to be loved because I was poor and can’t take care of a lady.

On many occasions, I find it difficult to talk to a lady about love because I feel she would embarrass me or turn me down.

Some of these things have made me develop a phobia for women.

I just can’t see myself going to talk to a lady about falling in love with her.

The truth is that I know words I can say that would make her fall for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to take care of her if she finally agrees to be my girlfriend.

I know that some relationships are surviving even when both parties don’t have money to sustain them.

If you think that I was scared of talking to a lady about being in love with her because I was poor, honestly, you are not far from the truth.

Why do many bachelors have a phobia for women?

I have used myself for example when answering this question.

As a poor bachelor, I am scared of talking to a lady about relationships.

I am only scared because I feel she won’t want to listen to me after looking at me from head to toe.

Looking at the dress I am putting on, it is enough to tell her that this guy doesn’t have the money to take care of her.

You know, every woman is like a property you acquire and must maintain.

There are some good ones out there anyways.

But for some of them that all their interest is in your pocket, you must have money to maintain them else you risk the possibility of losing them to guys whose pockets are sweating.

Every man prays for the woman that would love him for who is and not what he is.

Some women will turn down your request to be their boyfriend. This is not because they don’t like you but because they see you as someone who doesn’t have what it takes to satisfy their needs.

A bachelor who doesn’t have money can never compete with a bachelor who has money.

It’s like, they (rich bachelors) are created to be Lords over women. They won’t promise love to the ladies but it will be the other way round.

Another reason why a bachelor is scared of being in a relationship is for the reason that he might be a puppet to the lady.

This is usually possible especially if the woman has more money than him.

Men have this ego. They wouldn’t want to be controlled by a woman.

This is why some men who don’t have money try to stay away from being in a relationship.

But the truth is that, when he has the urge of having sex, he tries to do anything to help himself.

On some occasions, he would attempt suicide. This is because he doesn’t have any woman to call love.

A man without love can sometimes feel like dying

Love is indeed something else. I could remember when I attempted to take my own life simply because I felt no woman loved me.

I thought to myself that I was a bunch of bad luck and an ugly dude who is created to be different from the others.

The thing I never knew was that I was lying to myself.

I couldn’t find love because the ladies I have always approached are the type that were more interested in material possessions.

If you don’t have money, you don’t need to go anywhere around those ladies.

To me, it was like since no lady can be available to satisfy my emotional needs, it is pointless living.

Well thank God, another reasonable sense came to my head then.

It warned me against taking my own life. Reminding me how my family (parents and siblings) will be left on emotional torture if I took my life.

I decided to hustle more to make money and stop being a reject.

A bachelor without love can be unhealthy because many thoughts will be coming in.

Thoughts like; committing suicide, rape, sleeping with prostitutes etc.

My humble advice to you is this, forget about going after ladies for now.

Think about what you must do to become useful as a person.

This would go a long way in helping you focus.

Ladies will come at the appropriate time. Those who love you will come when you don’t have anything.

But because you were not aware of this fact you end up falling for another.

A bachelor without love can focus to become useful not just to himself but to his environment.

Work hard to make yourself count. There is nothing ladies love than a man who is always bringing the food to the table.

When you can’t live up to expectations, trust me you are gone.

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