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“Juan, am dying please call a doctor”, those were the last words of the dying Jennifer.

Juan stood helplessly as she watched Jennifer bleed to death.

Her head was blank on what to do until five seconds after she heard Jennifer mutter the words “please call a doctor”.

When she realised what had happened, attending to Jennifer earlier would have saved her.

What happened?

Juan, please call a doctor - Jennifer's tears

Juan and Jennifer were twins born on the 12th of April, 1998.

They were born to the family of one of the richest in Ukraine.

A similar product will be bought for Juan if any is bought for Jennifer.

That is to say when their parents buy anything for any of them, the other twin will also get the same thing.

Their parents loved them so much even until death.

Juan and Jennifer loved each other so much no matter what the situation was.

They lived under the same roof. Irrespective of the very big mansion left behind for the both of them, they still preferred to share the same room.

When the two girls became of age, they were becoming the speck for men.

Tragedy blew when they attained 18

In 2016, Juan had a boyfriend and they were so much in love with each other.

She introduced her new boyfriend to her twin sister who also liked the boy for her sister.

At first, she was unhappy because her sister was the only person she had shared her world with.

Let’s say she was jealous that her sister was now having an affair.

Juan, please call a doctor - Jennifer's tears
Tragedy struck when they attained 18

Jennifer prayed for her prince charming to find her one day.

Gradually, the love between the two sisters began to experience some kind of erosion in between.

Finally, Jennifer found her prince charming and it was as if the two sisters became reunited.

They introduced their boyfriends to one another and the love between the two parties never ceased to grow.

The unfortunate thing happened when Juan caught her boyfriend red-handed cheating on her with one of their classmates.

She was so angry with herself for being fooled by her boyfriend.

She taught that she was loved but never knew that she had only been deceived.

Jennifer tried to console her twin sister but it was as if fuel was being added to a burning fire each time she tried to console her.

Juan, please call a doctor”

Jennifer was in the kitchen preparing dinner and the heartbroken Juan met her at the kitchen.

Now that she no longer has a boyfriend, her main priority was to end her sister’s relationship with her boyfriend.

It was unfortunate that the strategy she meant to achieve this didn’t flow as she expected.

“Juan are you alright?” Jennifer asked the angry-looking Juan.

She went straight to where the kitchen knife was kept and trusted it to her sister’s stomach.


Jennifer in total shock screamed for her dear life. She was bleeding profusely and begged her sister to call a doctor.

It was as if her mind was completely blank as she never knew what she was doing at that point in time..

“Juan, please call a doctor,” Jennifer muttered until her last breath.

By the time Jennifer came back to her senses, the did have been done and Jennifer has already left the Gates of the Earth.

Juan called the Ukrainian emergency and by the time she was rushed to the hospital, she was declared already dead on arrival.

Unfortunately, Juan no longer has her boyfriend nor does she have her twin sister anymore.

She was charged to court. After pleading guilty to the charges against her, she was sentenced to 60 years imprisonment.

Morals from the “Please call a doctor”

  • Jealousy destroys an age-long positivity.
  • Learn to be a controller of your emotions.
  • Learn to share your problem with people.
  • Let love always lead.


This story and the characters used are fictional. Please disregard all forms of familiarity because they were products of Saviosantos’ imagination and were mere coincidences.

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Juan, please call a doctor – Jennifer’s tears