Best practices on how to get YouTube subscribers

Without subscribers, you cannot get paid on YouTube. Also, without subscribers, you won’t be able to reach out to your viewers always.

Subscribing to your channel is a way of allowing your viewers to regularly see your new video updates.

When a viewer hits the “Subscribe Button”, he or she is telling you that he/she is ready and wants to see more of your future video uploads.

One of the things that makes a content creator or YouTube famous is his subscriber base.

Subscribers are like loyal fans or followers who want to regularly see your updates on YouTube.

Just like we have followership on Twitter and Facebook, the same is also applicable to YouTube. The only difference is that, while other social media platforms call it followers, YouTube calls it subscribers.

Subscribers are therefore those loyal fans who want to see more future video uploads.

Things to avoid when trying to get subscribers

1. Begging for YouTube Subscribers

If you want to increase your YouTube subscribers you must avoid begging for a subscription.

Don’t beg people to subscribe to your channel because when you do, you are simply telling them to please have pity on you and join your community.

2. Forcing Subscribers

Another avoidable mistake is the act of forcing viewers to subscribe to your channel.

When a viewer comes across your channel and after viewing your video, if he or she feels threatened as of the way you are requesting for a subscription, trust me, you have lost that fan and he/she is gone forever.

3. Sub for Sub

Many people have gotten themselves into this mess and its result is always bad.

Sub for Sub is a way of subscribing for a YouTuber and he/she in return subscribes to you.

This practice of increasing your YouTube channel’s subscribers is very disastrous to your channel.

Try to avoid it because those who subscribed to you are not interested in what you present. They only subscribed to you because they felt like fulfilling all righteousness.

Trust me, you also subscribed to them not because you like what they do but because you wanted to keep to your side of the bargain.

4. Buying subscribers

Do you wish to increase your subscribers by patronizing some sites that are into selling subscribers?

My dear, you are in for a deep problem with YouTube if that is your plan.

If YouTube finds
out which they will do, my dear, your account will be terminated and you won’t be allowed to use the platform again.

Avoid buying subscribers for your channel. Grow your YouTube subscribers naturally and you will see the money pomping in.

Best way to get natural YouTube subscribers

1. work on your content

You don’t publish bad content and you expect people to want to see more of it.

If you want to increase your YouTube subscribers then you will need to ensure that you add more time in ensuring that what you publish is worth watching.

Even without informing your viewers to subscribe, they would want to hit the subscribe button for more future interesting videos.

2. Remind them to subscribe

Many times, viewers fail to remember that they will need to subscribe to get more of your videos.

It is always advisable to remind your viewers to subscribe to your channel if they wish to see more of your future videos.

You can do this either before the main content of your video is displayed (at the beginning) or between the content or at the end of the video.

In conclusion

No one would want to be forced to like something he/she doesn’t like.

Your way of approaching viewers to subscribe to your channel plays a great role in making them want to subscribe or not.

The best way to attract and sustain subscribers is by uploading videos that are catchy and worth watching.

Hope this was helpful? Feel free to leave us a comment.

You are also welcome to share with us how you naturally get subscribers to your channel.

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