We were shooting a movie and in the story, there was a part where an actor was to slap his opponent. It was an important scene that must be achieved. The slap scene was something else especially when the guy who was to slap me appeared to be angry at something.

The director wanted it to look real and I was like “what did you say?” Bending my body to my waist level pushing my head upwards.

How to edit slap scene in premiere pro

“Is there no way we can achieve this slap scene without him hitting me?” I asked.

My goodness, the director shouted, “I want it real”.

Unfortunately for me, it is my first time shooting a movie.

I got set for the scene and the director echoed “Acton!”. The next thing I received on my face was a sound slap.

For some seconds I couldn’t realize where I was. I was just carried away by the stars of different colours that emanated after the slap.

They sprinkled water on me and I regained consciousness.

The director said, “your reaction and the way the slap came was too mechanical. We are going to take that shot again”.

“Again!” I shouted. “Director sir, please let us do a different thing to replace it with this slap scene”. I begged.

The director was hellbent on taking the slap scene.

Gbua!” On my face again.

This time around, I couldn’t resist it. I started crying.

Tears were falling down my cheek. I didn’t mind that I was 21.

The hotness of that slap reduced me to crying like a baby.

It was as if the director was touched. He finally agreed to come up with a style that helped us to achieve the slap scene without harming anyone.

That style is what we are going to learn below. But before then, I must tell you the truth.

I had my revenge before leaving the movie location.

When all the actors got paid for their jobs, the director entered his car to leave.

On his bar head, I gave him a very heavy knock.

Before he could contain the pain and also open his door, I had already bailed myself with my leg (ran away).

So let’s get down to business.

How to get a slap movie scene done

To edit this scene, you will need to achieve the scene in the acting.

The actors need to perform some actions so that when you get to the editor all you need to do is to remove and add some parts and your scene is set.

This can be achieved using any of the methods provided.

How to record a slap scene (method one)

  1. Get your actors and cameras ready.
  2. Open the camera on the actor that will do the slapping
  3. Let the actor that will slap the other actor move his hands fastly before the open (recording) camera.
  4. Stop recording.
  5. Open your camera on the actor that would be slapped
  6. He should move his face (very fast) to the right or left depending on where the other actor slapped him.

Method Two

  1. Open the camera on the two actors
  2. Let the character that will slap the other move his palm very fast and very close to the face of the other actor.
  3. The actor that would be slapped should move his face in synchrony with the hand of the actor that is doing the slapping.

With this done, you have been able to achieve a slapping scene without harming your actor.

Using any of the above methods can give you what you want.

So as a movie director, learn to achieve possible things without making it real. that should appear real but it shouldn’t be real.

This was the same thing my first movie director did to me. Well, thank God that I had my revenge before leaving the movie camp.

For those who also care to know, that movie was shot in 2019.

Till today, I still cannot find it anywhere in the market or on the internet.

How to edit the slap scene using premiere pro

You can achieve this scene using any editing software whether with a phone or computer.

In this discussion we are using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Editing the first method

  • Launch your editing software (premiere pro)
  • Import the two clips
  • Remove parts where the slapping actor moved his palm past the camera. That is to say, ensure that the palm of the actor did not completely pass the face of the other actor who is to receive the slap.
  • On the part of the slap-receiving actor, get a quick cut of where he moved his face.
  • Now blend or join the two clips and play.
  • Ensure that the movement of the slap from the two clips synchronizes very well.
  • You can add your slap sound to make it look more enticing.

Editing the second method

  • Import the clip
  • Remove parts that are unwanted
  • Add a slap sound and you have achieved it.

Achieving a slap scene in a movie is very simple as long as you are not interested in harming your actors.

If you follow any of the two methods judiciously, trust me, you will achieve what you want.

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