Benefits of Problem Friends

Friends are greatly needed for the survival of any person. We shall be looking at the major difference between Problem Friends and Okay Friends.

Finding friends has been made easy through the evolution of social media. The question is, can you really find real friends outside your country?

The answer to the question is, yes, you can find real friends who are not from your country.

Why friends are important in our lives

Having friends helps to keep someone emotionally stable. This is why it is important to have friends wherever you find yourself.

Just like the wise saying “no man is an island”. Another wise saying had it that “everyone needs each other to survive”.

As a social being, man needs to interact with members of his environment in order to effectively operate in society.

Any man who decides to do things without the involvement of others will definitely fall.

Friendship is very important to all human beings.

The honest truth is that man is not the only living thing that needs friends.

Animals like goats, lions, sheep, etc also need each other to survive.

God created this world in such a way he made man to be someone dependent on his fellow man.

So man’s relationship with his fellow man has been there from the time of creation.

At least this can be justified from the book of Genesis which recorded the account of creation.

God created man and finally gave him a woman when He realized that man needed someone to be his companion.

Every animal needs each other to survive or to become relevant.

Two basic type of friends

According to Chikezie 2020, friendship is divided into two different parts.

  • Okay friends
  • Problem friends

From Chikezie’s division, one could be asking what he is trying to point out here.

In this post, we shall break down the explanations of the two types of friends posited by Chikezie.

Influence of bad friends

1. Okay Friends

Who is an Okay Friend? Someone would ask.

According to Chikezie, an Okay Friend is an individual whose interest in others is only motivated by the person’s pocket weight.

To further explain this, it has to do with those friends of a person who are only concerned about the wealth of an individual.

These kinds of friends do not have any concern about the emotional feelings of their friends.

They are only available only because their friend is rich or their friend is from a wealthy environment.

Having this kind of relationship is highly discouraged because it does not bring any good to the person you are in a friendship with.

Influence of good friends

2. Problem Friends

Problem friends are the kind of friends who are all weather.

This implies that they are always available for their friends in whatever situations their friends find themselves.

These are the types of friends that are worthy of keeping.

When you wish to have real friends, these are the kind of friends you should wish for.

Friends who always make themselves available at your point of need, those friends that would do everything within their capacity to ensure they help you.

These groups of friends are worth more than gold.

One good thing you can do for yourself is to pray to have Problem Friends.

Having these kinds of friends makes your social life a bit settled.

The Problem Friends unlike the Okay Friends tries to identify themselves with you at the time of troubles.

You can attest to the fact that these kinds of companions are alway available when you call upon them.

They are ready to leave whatever they are doing and attend to the urgent call of their friends.

Losing these people is like losing the most treasured of your life.

No reasonable individual is ready to lose Problem Friends because they are hard to find or get.

Benefits of Problem Friends

How to Get Problem Friends

Contrary to toxic friends, Problem Friends are the friends that recognise and personalize the problems of their friends.

To get these Problem Friends is only possible when you are able to sieve the large number of friends you have.

It is true that you know the character of each of your friends. You also know how each and every one of your friends reacts to issues.

This helps in allowing you to differentiate between Okay Friends and Problem Friends.

Needless to explain the importance of Problem Friends because from the content of this post we have been able to break down their roles.

What is more important is for you to understand that, for your to develop in all ramifications you need to surround yourself with Problem Friends.

Frenemies and toxic friendships

Frenemies are not different from Okay Friends. The truth is that they are the same thing.

A frenemy pretends to be your friend and would also be the first to criticize you.

Such friends must be noticed as soon as possible and distanced from.

You must come to understand that these frenemies or Okay Friends don’t mean well for you.

Some time ago, I told a good friend of mine how I would travel to Indonesia in a few days.

Because he was my very good friend I thought it was cool I told him.

This was a journey I was supposed to keep away from anybody. But because of my closeness to David, I told him of my latest plans.

I told him about the date of the movement and he was happy for me.

The unfortunate thing was that I never knew that the young man I called my good friend never meant well for me.

How my Visa to Indonesia got missing remained mysterious to me.

I searched for the Visa in almost every part of my house, scattered everywhere but unfortunately, I lost the opportunity of travelling outside the country.

It wasn’t until three hours after I lost my flight to Indonesia, David came to my house.

“Judge, I heard you lost your Visa. How did it happen?” He asked.

At a moment I thought to myself “how did he know about it? I can’t remember talking to anyone since this morning. So how did he come to know that I have lost my Visa?”

Without wasting any time, I called the police on him.

After his arrest, it was then the real information came up. He was the person that stole my Visa to Indonesia.

This is someone I called my good friend.

David is a frenemy. He presented himself as a harmless friend but I never knew that he was the rat that was chopping off my bed.

How do you solve problems with friends?

If you have had problems with your friends and you feel like solving such problems, the best approach is to meet them and settle them.

You might not be the cause of the problem but because you want peace to reign, then you need to make the move to solve the problem.

There is nothing that spoils a relationship except pride.

No matter how good friends you both are, one or two problems are likely to erupt among you.

Just like my father would always tell me, no matter how a man and a woman love themselves, they are bound to fight.

What is more important is a rapid reconciliation. The moment you fight, the period for your reconciliation should not exceed 24 hours.

So if you want to solve the problem between you and your friends then you must accept the blame and move for peace.


Friends are very essential in the life of everyone. The question is, what kind of friends do you keep?

Is it the Problem Friends or the Okay Friends as posited by Chikezie?

You must understand those groups of friends that are available only when the going is good and smooth. Also, be able to identify friends that are always available both in tough and smooth.

These are the particular people that mean well to you. Treasure them the same you treasure your life.

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