Ukraine, through their official social media handle, has informed the world that they have shot down 5 planes and 1 Russian Helicopter.

Ukraine and Russia War: Ukraine shoots down Russian planes

This action took place in the Lugansk region of the country.

Over the years the Russian government has tried what it would use as an excuse to invade Ukraine.

Recognising two separatist regions in the Ukrainian territory was a way of justifying their action.

These two separatist regions are Russian speaking regions and since the oral war between the two countries (Russia and Ukraine), the separatist regions have run to Russian territory to take refuge.

Earlier on Wednesday, it was learnt that the Russian military finally invaded Ukraine.

The Russian government started an unprovoked war against unsuspecting Ukraine.

Since the threats of invasion, the US among other European countries has vowed to heavily place sanctions on Russia.

The US president, Joe Biden through a press release said that they are following the outcomes of the war. He has also pledged to join other countries to sanction Russia for this unnecessary invasion.

Ukraine and Russia War: Ukraine shoots down Russian planes

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, seems not deterred on the possible outcome of a war against the whole of Europe.

He is hellbent on ensuring that Ukraine is brought to her knees.

A possible win against Ukraine will annex Ukraine to Russia.

This is what Ukraine is trying to avoid being modern slaves to the Russian people.

Ukraine burning down the 5 planes and 1 helicopter of the Russian government flying in their borders is a direct message to Russia that they are not ready to take any chances.

The President of Ukraine has issued a martial law and also believes that victory will soon be theirs.

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Pray for peace in Europe and also pray for peace in the world.

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