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John said staying with his father was suicidal

John James, a Michigan resident said that the reason why he left his family house was for the fact that living with his father was suicidal.

John said he normally have this suicidal thought anytime his father returns from work.

It all began when his mother died. He noticed that because his father had not enough to take care of him and his siblings, he (his father) began to see him (John) as the major setback to his success.

John narrated that on many occasions his father would call him names and make him feel that he doesn’t deserve to be alive.

For quite a long time John had harboured these thoughts of taking his own life. He said that if he continued living with his father he might end up committing suicide.

On a very good day, his father came back from work and asked his siblings where John went.

They told him that he left in the morning but had not returned.

Till that very day was over John did not show up. The next day passed and there was still no sign of John.

His father made enquiries from his friends and no one seemed to know his whereabouts.

Whether John has finally committed suicide no one could tell as he has on many occasions revealed that staying under the same roof with his father was suicidal.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and no one ever heard from John again.

His father reported to the police and the case file of a missing person never left their table until after 8 years.

Suicidal: John returns home

John showed up once again at his family residence and to the shock of everyone he is back with a woman he introduced as his wife.

He narrated what he passed through in the hands of his father and how living with his father was a suicide mission.

His father apologized and made him also understand how deeply sorry he was when he concluded within him that his son was dead.

If actually, John was dead it would have been the fault of his father who never stopped to make life unbearable for him.

“Living with me at that time, honestly was suicidal but now, I am a changed person” his father admitted.

The entire family reunited and got the missing person’s case file closed in the Michigan police department.

It was understood that John left his family home in Michigan and relocated to Washington to breathe fresh new air and try to be a man of his own.

Finally, he got what he sought. He made money and also got married.

He reunited with his father and siblings after constant pressure from his wife.

That is to say, his wife Isabella was the actual reason why John and his family reunited.

Hope this story was helpful? Parents should understand that there are things they say to their children that sometimes make them feel like taking their own lives.

Make a child have this feeling of self belonging and it would help in their mental development.

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Staying with my father was suicidal – John James