The game so far has entered into the remaining 30 minutes extra time. Salah and Mané are still battling on who would be crowned the king of African football.

Mo Salah and Sadio Mané are yet to prove to Africa and the world by extension who is to be the king of African football.

Mané’s earlier penalty would have settled the whole matter in the first half of the match.

Unfortunately, the quick advice Mo Salah gave to Mohamed Gabaski further frustrated the hopes of Senegal winning the 2021 African Cup Of Nations.

So far the two Liverpool players are the icons in the AFCON final whom all eyes are glued upon.

Salah and Mané battle for the king of African football

Irrespective of the fact that Salah and Mané are from the same club, none of the football icons is giving room for the other to win.

If Salah wasn’t interested in the game or the cup he wouldn’t have advised Gabaski on how to deny Mané a possible winner.

Senegalese were visibly emotional after their most trusted footballer missed the penalty.

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Back home, the president of Senegal, Shall was seen angry after Mané lost the ball to Mohamed Gabaski.

The last 30 minutes of the game will help to decide who becomes the king of African football.

If by the end of the 30 minutes and no winner emerges, then, the penalty shootouts come to play.

Many people have prayed that Senegal wins the match due to their love for Mané while many have prayed Egypt wins due to their love for Mo Salah.

However, Liverpool fans are not worried about which player wins the AFCON.

They believe that any player among Salah and Mané that wins the AFCON is still glory to their club, Liverpool.

All eyes are glued on Salah and Mané as the cup final whistle blasts.

Honestly, Mané can never be happy with Salah for revealing to Gabaski in which part of the goal post he was to shoot the ball.

Just like someone would always say, this is football and anything can happen.

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