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Many households out of power in Texas

Due to the falling of trees in Texas which led to the cutting of power lines, many households are reported to have lost power.

The Governor of Texas has confirmed it that many households may lose power due to fallen trees or power lines.

“People may lose power. It could be that power lines are down. Power lines run by the company that customers enter into contracts with,” Abbott said. “Those power lines could go down because a tree falls on the power lines and the power lines are no longer, at that particular time, able to deliver power to a home.”

The governor made it clear that the power grid in the state of Texas is still intact.

To him, for a short period of time, some neighborhoods are likely not to have power.

“That doesn’t mean that there are problems with the power grid in the state of Texas,” Abbott warned. “It means that, for a short period of time, a particular neighborhood may be without power.”

ERCOT said it expects the highest demand from the grid to be on Friday morning. Officials are expecting that they will have an excess of 15,000 megawatts of power available, even at the time of highest demand.

Many have complained about the power outage in the state and the governor has encouraged them never to worry.

He has assured them that the power would be restored in a short time.

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