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Lady quits job to focus on her marriage

In today’s story, a lady from the US quitted her job to focus on her 5 year old marriage. The lady confesses her husband has been the most wonderful and supportive man in the world.

The lady narrated that before she resigned from her job, she always wanted to be on the same salary level with her husband.

All she wanted was to never feel inferior before her husband simply because he was earning more than her.

She worked tirelessly and it equally affected their family planning.

More of the lady’s attention was focused on her job and plans on how to beat or be in the same salary level with her husband.

Things became clear to her when she realized that she was unconsciously poisoning her marriage.

The moment her husband threatened her of a divorce, that was the moment she realized that she messed up big time.

Lady quits job to focus on her marriage (her story)

“My husband and I have been married for 5 years and have been together for 7.

My husband has been the most wonderful and supportive person in my life. He has been with me through the darkest times of my life.

He supported me emotionally and financially through medical problems and he even paid off my student loan debt.

And there are so many other things he has helped me with in life.

We both have careers in finances and have pretty demanding jobs.

This led to us despite being married, seeing eachother 2 hours a day before one of us went to sleep or had to leave.

In the first couple of years of our marriage we always managed to make time for each other on the weekends and still have a loving relationship. But this died down in later years.

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Since we both work in the same field I have always felt this sort of competition between me and him.

I always wanted to make at least the same amount as he did and always felt like I had to have an equivalent position as him otherwise felt inferior to him.

I never told him I felt this way because I know I’m being unreasonable in trying to compete with my own husband.

But that still didn’t stop me from always wanting at least what he has.

This led to me always putting in more work than I even got paid for in hopes I could progress in my career.

In the last couple of years (especially last year) it got even to the point that I would spend my weekends working instead of spending them with my husband.

He always asked me to go on dates, hang out, go on trips etc. but I would always tell him I’m swamped in work.

He was always understanding and supportive of my career so he never made a big deal out of it.

Before we got married we agreed that we wanted to have kids probably around a year into our marriage.

But due to my career, I kept postponing it. When he would ask me about it, I would tell him that I wanted to focus on work but that we would start in a year.

This happened for about 4 years. The worst thing about this is that I have barely made any progress in my career even though I have been living to work.

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About a month ago we had the talk again and I pretty much said the same thing. That’s when he hit me with the bomb.

He told me that he supported my goals and career but that we clearly have different views of the future, how our marriage operates and about starting a family and that it would be best for us to get a divorce so we can both live fulfilling lives.

I don’t know what happened to me at that moment but it felt like a switch turned in my brain.

The thought of losing my husband was my worst nightmare and I realized that I have been focusing on the wrong thing in life to get fulfillment even though what I really needed was right in front of me.

He said that he missed spending time with me all these years and always hoped we would have a family but it seemed like that wasn’t what I wanted so it would be the best for both of us to go our own ways.

I begged him to give me another chance in being a better wife and he accepted it.

This situation has changed my priorities. I always prioritized my job that was killing my mental health in the hopes I would get the fulfillment I wanted but realized being with my husband and having a family with him is what I really needed.

I have officially resigned from my job and am going to fully commit to my marriage.

My question to you guys is how can I be a better wife? How can I fulfill my husband’s needs? How can I show him that he made the right decision to give me another chance?”

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Lady quits job to focus on her marriage