How King Rafael repelled the bush baby attack
Bush baby

The announcement about the bush baby attack circulated the entire community.

King Rafael summoned all the commanders of his troops. He ordered that they prepare for the impending danger.

Bush babies were already sighted at the far forbidden woods. They were there and waited for nightfall to launch their attack.

They see more clearly at night and that was the only time they could launch their attack and emerge victoriously.

King Rafael was scared as none of his soldiers dared to enter the forbidden woods.

It was uneasy for the king. The night was gradually coming and nothing was done yet to repel the bush baby attack.

A Council of elders met to put heads together to come up with a solution on how to destroy the bush babies before they destroy the entire mankind in just one night.

It happened that after 8 hours of meeting the king and his council of elders did not come to a reasonable conclusion.

Bush baby attack: all hope was lost

Since no reasonable conclusion was reached, the king prepares his armour to join his army to battle against the dreadful bush babies.

Sounds were coming from the forbidden woods and fear gripped the soldiers further.

King Rafael was seen shedding tears. He wasn’t crying because he knew that was his last night. King Rafael was crying because his entire kingdom was about to be wiped out under his watch.

He never stopped to cry as he walked around the kingdom wishing them luck in what seemed to be impossible.

The return of hope

While the king hopelessly paraded the kingdom with his entourage, he saw something that gave him hope.

He saw a little boy that was playing with his pulley which threw a rock from one distance to the other.

He went to the boy and said “son, who made this for you?”

“I invented it, your majesty,” the little boy responded.

“And what do you call it?” The king asked.

“Otu okwute” which means (the stoner).

“Phillip!” The king calls out for his assistant. “Take this child, learn from him how he manufactured his ‘otu okwute’. Ensure they can carry heavy explosions”.

It was as if a new idea on how to battle the bush babies came to the king after seeing the kids “out okwute” invention.

How King Rafael repelled the bush baby attack
otu okwute (the stone-thrower)

Men of different professions were summoned. In one hour, the little boy taught them how he was able to invent his pulley machine.

Getting the idea of what the king wanted, a large number of stone-throwers were produced.

Before it could get to 7 pm, many fireballs were targeted at the forbidden woods. The woods burnt to the ground and the bush babies were all destroyed.

The bush baby attack was repelled even before they could carry out the attack.

The kingdom was once again saved from what was seen as futuristic armageddon.

King Rafael made the little boy a member of the Palace scientists.

They invented more armour which was used to fight and calm other future external aggressions.

The end.


You are reading this story because you have interest in reading fictional stories. None of the characters used here are real. Feel free to more about bush babies here.

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