Why many people have failed to make money in our today’s society is as a result of distractions.

Distractions from here and there have posed lots of problems to many people as long as the zeal to make money is concerned.

To become successful is challenging especially when you are building your success story all by yourself.

Do these if you want to make money or become successful

The truth is, if you are struggling to become successful all by yourself, nobody will ever know you.

You can only be known by people when you have finally attained success.

It is in human nature not to identify with those who are struggling but with those who have made it in life.

This is why you see many people selling their votes to politicians during the time of election.

People want to identify with those who have made wealth already.

Have you ever wondered why ladies are rejecting your friendship request? Or do you know why your relationship is not lasting?

The short answer to the above questions is “bro, go and make money”.

Sometimes, the question you ask yourself is, “Don’t I deserve to be loved?” “Don’t I deserve to be in a relationship?”

My dear brother, honestly, you deserve all these things but judging from the kind of ladies we have these days, you need money to declare yourself worthy.

I have come across situations where people ask themselves the same question you are asking yourself.

The truth is, even I have once been in this same boat you are finding yourself.

A simple response to your query is, “bro go and make money”.

If you want to make money successful, do these

1. BE POSITIVE: If you must become successful or make money, then you must learn to be positive. Avoid feeling your mind with the thoughts of “whether you will make it or not”.

Sometimes, when you ask yourself these questions, some thoughts will arise. Some of those thoughts end up pushing you to change your mind.

2. SPEAK TO LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE: people who reason or think the way you do are the kind of people you should share your stories with.

Telling people who appear not to be interested in your story are the people who would do everything possible to talk you down based on what you believe in.

Those who are ready to listen to you, those who are ready to proffer possible solutions to your problem are the people you should bring more close to yourself.

3. RESPECT TIME: a man who wants to become successful must be in a good relationship with his time.

Here in this part of the world, there is something we call “African man’s time“.

Do these if you want to make money or become successful

It is a way of attending to issues/occasions minutes or hours after the scheduled time.

If you as an individual would avoid “African man’s time”, trust me, you will be solidifying your road to making money or becoming successful.

Not having enough rest can sometimes affect your mode of reasoning.

Experts would advise us to get at least 8 hours of sleeping time.

This would enable the brain to relax and also function normally when it has gotten the rest it needed.

Just like nights are made for rest, it is also enough time for the brain to be relaxed.

Utilize the opportunity of giving your brain enough rest very well and trust me, you won’t have any problem when thinking of how you can become successful.

5. MANAGE THE LITTLE YOU HAVE WELL: learn to manage the property that you have very well.

No matter how small it is. Don’t make 10k in a day and you would want to spend the entire 10k that same day or the next day.

It is normal to enjoy your life but trust me when I say, “he whose intention is to make money isn’t interested in lavishness”.

The time they say calls for everything in life. You must learn to do things at the right time and the right place.

6. EVALUATE YOUR STRATEGIES: sometimes you think that what you are doing is not going as you expected.

At this point, you are beginning to evaluate your success so far.

When you come to find out that this particular way is not working, your next action is to restrategize.

You should learn to evaluate your achievements before venturing into the next aspect of what you are doing.

7. MAKE RESEARCH: if you want to make money or succeed, it is normal to research what works best.

You would need to make enquiries about what you are about going into.

To succeed, you will need to ask questions. Know exactly what people who were once in your shoes have done to succeed.

If you have this desire to achieve success then you must learn to make research on how to attain such a level of greatness.

8. BE HOPEFUL: just like we said at the beginning of these points, it is wrong to be negative about your success.

You need to be hopeful. Do what you are doing with the hope that you will emerge victoriously.

No single way to succeed is simple. This is why you’ll need to work hard and remain hopeful of a successful end.

9. SPEND CAREFULLY: no successful man becomes successful by spending all that he has garnered.

My father would always say “he who spends all his proceeds should always be sure of starting from the beginning”.

If you want to make money or be successful, you must learn to spend wisely.

10. SPEAK LESS OF YOUR SUCCESS: many people do not want to see your progress.

As few people want to see you succeed, so are there many who would want to stand on the opposing side.

You must learn to keep to yourself about your progress.

Don’t tell people about how you have become successful, only allow them to feel and see it for themselves.

If you want to make money or become successful do these

Before this could be possible, you have already outgrown their power of bringing you down.

Why I am saying this is because, when you start making money and people are told about it, some would want to do everything possible to stop you from succeeding.

This is why you’ll need to take them unaware. Shocking them at the end is the main goal.

11. PUSH ON: finally on my list is the ability to push on.

Of course, when you want to be successful, many situations will come up which are strong enough to pull you down.

Your ability to push on or persevere will lead you to your success.

Never allow yourself to be deterred. Focus on the bag because, in the end, victory is assured.


Your desire to become successful or make money solely depends on what you do. It also depends on the approaches you apply.

Never believe that there is an easy way to make money. This is why perseverance, patience, and hard work are some of the virtues one is encouraged to cultivate.

Try to avoid distractions as much as you can because they are the exact reason(s) why people are not successful.

Hope this information was helpful. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share this information.

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