Couples pick rifles to defend Ukraine just a few hours after marriage

The level at which Ukrainians are showing their love for their dear country is so alarming.

Ukrainian citizens Yaryna Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin got married just hours after Russia launched its invasion of their country.

They spent their first day as a married couple collecting their rifles and getting ready to defend Ukraine.

For the past three days, Russia had constantly bombarded Ukraine with lots of missiles.

Many children, women, men etc have lost their lives since the Russian invasion.

A lot of people are currently displaced while many have died.

Unfortunately, the Russian president’s major intention was to wipe Ukraine out of the surface of the earth.

His constant bombings of civilian residences and destroying anything that moves in Ukraine is nothing but an act of bloody war criminalization.

Ukraine’s government declared that men at the ages of 18-60 are not allowed to flee the country.

This law alone is enough evidence that even the president and civilians are ready to die for their homeland.

Pictures of civilians even those with and without military training are seen wielding weapons in call for the defence of their country.

World leaders have called the Russian government to withdraw its military from its current Ukrainian invasion and give room for a diplomatic resolution.

Till this very moment, Russia is doing everything possible to bring Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine to her knees.

Men and women are fighting to the last drop of their blood. They said that Ukraine is their home. They can never run away from the only place they call home.

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