Anger management: how Denis controls his anger

Anger management: Denis tactics in controlling anger

Denis is a friend of mine, in this short story, I shall be sharing with you his funny way of anger management.

When he starts it (anger management), people around him would think he’s insane. Some would make fun of it and conclude that he is a coward.

No one knows that that is the best strategy Denis knows to control his anger.

Anger management skill is a skill every person must learn to cultivate.

The reason is that anger can make you do something you can’t imagine.

89% of actions carried out in an angry situation usually have a negative effect.

This is why it is really necessary to cultivate an anger management skill so that you would help yourself to be free from a danger you can cause for yourself when you are annoyed.

The best way Denis manages his anger is by wetting or sweeping the floor.

Whenever he is angry, Denis will pour water on the floor and begin to dry it up.

In some cases, he would go and carry a mobbing stick and start cleaning the house.

Sometimes also, Denis looks for brooms and starts sweeping the environment. Even when the environment is properly swept, Denis will start re-sweeping it.

One faithful day I asked him why he usually does all these things when he is angry.

Denis told me that that was his strategy for controlling his anger.

He said it was a therapy to properly manage his impulse.

Denis also told me that when they were kids he nearly beat his younger brother to death.

He said that the only thing that caused the problem was his brother’s refusal to sleep on his side of the bed.

His brother used unacceptable words on him and that got him more upset.

He descended on him and if not for the swift intervention of their parents, he would have ended up murdering his kid brother that very night.

The next day his parents took him to a therapist who told him to always sweep the environment or pour water on the ground and start drying the wet area.

The therapist encouraged him to do it irrespective of how embarrassing it would appear.

Denis confirmed that the therapy on his anger management has been working for years.

He also went further to tell me that this anger management therapy has saved him from too many possible negative situations.

Getting angry is one thing, controlling it is another.

Anger management: take hope tip

Whatever you think you can do to control your anger, you should make it a way of life.

You might not be like Denis who sweeps the environment when he is angry but you can do something else.

What is more important is that you try to cultivate anger management skills.

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