Match Pops game scam or legit?

Another game in the market is the Match Pops game. This game promises that players will earn $1000 and or more without hassle.

Match Pops is a game designed by Village Master Games. The designers or owners of the game promised to pay out the whooping amount of $1000 or more straight to PayPal.

However, it’s unfortunate that many have fallen to these fake promises.

Because of my previous experiences in making money quickly by playing games, I have decided to make it a priority to find out the truth about these games.

As one of my findings, this game is a complete scam.

Though playing the game is interesting for game freaks, if you want to download this game to make money playing the game, kindly cancel the download.

Just like word fuse, in match pops, you will be blessed with many dollars as you continue playing. While the money increases, the amount you will be receiving will be shrinking.

When it gets to $900 you will know that making money is not easy.

When you finally get to the threshold you will be required to watch about 50 more videos to unlock the key that is holding your

When that is achieved, you will be required to wait for about 24 hours or more for your money to be sent.

If you like to travel from the US to Canada, your money will never come.

Honestly, it is a complete waste of time and resources.

Many can give a good review about this platform but my experience here is not encouraging at all.

You are welcome to download the game if you intend to play games only but if you have the intention of making money from Match Pops, then you are wasting your time.

Through what means do match pops pay?

Match pops, according to the designers, pay through PayPal. That is to say, during registration you are required to use the same email that is connected to your Paypal account.

Making money through Match Pops (if possible) is like passing a snake through the needle’s eye.

Threshold for withdrawal

To withdraw money from match pops you must garner up to $1000.

That is to say, for you to start making or receiving money from match pops you must earn up to 1000 dollars.

How do you make money from match pops

You make money from the game by watching video ads.

While you are matching related crystals you will be allowed to view video ads.

After watching the ads your money will be added.

Can I make money from match pops?

It is completely left for you at this point to decide if you still want to download the application.

To me, downloading the app is only for playing games but making money from the platform is completely out of it.

So if you still think that things will change because you are now involved, you are welcome to download the application.

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