Plans On How To Make Money This New Year

Well, I don’t know what your plans are. As for me, I have this huge plan to make money by the new year..

Last year has come and gone and let me say, there was nothing to show for it. Allowing this new year to slip off the same way wouldn’t help in any way.

I also know that it is in God’s jurisdiction to give wealth. It is also important that I reminded you that he who plans to become successful always gets his hands busy.

You can’t just stay indoors and say to yourself “God will make me rich”. God can only make you rich when you work for it.

Last year has come and gone without me reaching my monitory goals. With God on my side, making money this new year will never slip off my hands.

Make Money this new year

How I plan to make money this new year

1. By learning How to code

Recently, one can attest to the fact that programmers are now the set of people making almost all the money in the digital world.

Venturing into this platform is a decision that I have made and no one can talk me out of it.

I also plan to create and dedicate a website for it when I fully understand what coding is all about.

Not just understanding what coding is all about but also teaching newbies through the website.

This in other words means trying to help others attain their level of financial breakthrough through programming.

Learning how to code is time-demanding. If you are not patient enough you can never cross the first level.

To learn new ideas (especially the difficult ones) you need patience.

Patience is a virtue that I must uphold as long as I am determined to make money this new year.

Making money this new year is a determined proposition and nothing on this planet Earth can talk me out of it.

2. Being determined

They said, “a determined heart is a goal-oriented heart”. As for me, I am determined to achieve success as long as this new year is concerned.

As of last year, many distractions have come here and there causing many setbacks in the quest of generating wealth.

As one of my new year resolutions, distractions must be sidelined.

I am determined to make money this new year and I also trust that you are ready to make money with me.

3. Saying no to frustration

Frustration can make you lose almost everything especially when things don’t work the way we expected them to.

I would strongly advise that when you feel frustrated in achieving anything, take a break and come back for it.

Frustration can make you take your life, it can also make you give up on something.

Because you weren’t getting a particular thing right doesn’t mean that you should give up on it.

If you understand the way the brain works you would understand that the brain just like other parts of the body also needs time to rest and be reenergized to start functioning normally again.

For your quest to make money this new year, don’t allow yourself to be frustrated. If you are not getting it right, stop, take a break and come back again.

4. Working on my previous errors

A repeat of what happened last year could be detrimental to your success this new year.

As a rational individual, you must make a review of your previous year’s achievements and setbacks.

Avoiding the repetition of last year’s mistakes goes a long way in enabling you to cruise the new year.

To make money this new year you must try to picture out those things that acted as setbacks to you last year and put an end to them

Dealing with those errors of last year will enable you to become successful this year.

5. Learning new skills

As I have made learning how to code a top priority, learning new skills cannot be left out.

One of my friends would always remind me that one doesn’t put all his eggs in one basket.

Make a single source of “money-making” a priority and also pursue other means.

You don’t have to depend on a single way to make money. Try to exploit other means of making money.

As for me, coding is my topmost priority while learning other skills like video and picture editing, movie directing, camera handling, acting etc becomes the other skills I hope to learn before the end of this new year.

6. Never letting opportunities pass me by

A determined person always looks out for opportunities. I am not letting it slide this new year.

As for money, by the grace of God, I must make money this year and I also hope we are on this track together.

It is my zeal to make a lot of money and also help my esteemed readers to also make real money.

Only the faint-hearted cannot reach their said destination.

As long as we are determined to become successful, we must surely become and remain successful.


Making money is not easy. Honestly, there is no way of making money that is easy both online and offline.

But you can’t stay home and fold your alms with the excuse that making money is difficult.

You must start something so that you can reach your goal of having real cash.

I am using this blog post to reach out to many out there who nurture the plan of making money this new year.

Never feel that you are alone. We are all in this together.

Like I always say “we will make money whether the devil likes it or not”.

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