Damian Made $100 By Just Staying Quiet

Damian, a hairstylist and dancer at Owen’s clubhouse shared the story of how he made $100 just by keeping quiet.

According to Damian, it was on one Monday morning when he was going to his work area (salon).

He was walking on a lonely road after a few hours it stopped raining.

While he was walking, a car on a high-speed drove passed him. The car splashed on him water that was gathered on the ground beside him.

Without altering any word of abuse, Damian cleaned up himself and continued walking.

The man in the car stopped and reversed to meet Damian. The driver came out of the car and apologized to Damian for what he did.

Damian told him that it was fine and he has no grudges against him. He went ahead to advise the driver to drive more carefully next time so that he won’t end up knocking someone down.

The driver was so pleased with Damian’s kind words. He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out $100.

He gave the $100 to Damian and begged him to accept it.

At first, Damian rejected the money but later accepted it.

Without doing anything, Damian made $100 even before getting to his work areas.

As funny as it may sound, Damian hardly makes $100 in a day. His humility and soft-mindedness gave him the money.

The driver did not give him the money for the reason that he splashed water on Damian but because he was humble as he protested against the driver’s action.

To some people, they would end up raising causes and abuses to the driver but Damian was calm and humble. Damian even advised the driver to be careful to avoid running into someone as a result of recklessness.

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