Learn how to code and make a financial difference

Many don’t know that they can make real money online if they know or learn how to code.

Honestly, coding is another great way of becoming successful as long as financial freedom is concerned.

Learn how to code and join the host of happy poverty-free individuals.

Coding as it is coined from computer programming is a set of instructions written to give a computer a direction of action.

That is to say, coding enables the computer to perform certain tasks. It tells a computer what to do. It serves as an instructor to the computer.

So many people don’t also know that they can learn how to code even without being computer scientists.

I must be honest with you, I recently got into computer programming and it has been great.

I am not a computer scientist. If I must be frank with you, I never knew how to operate a computer until I bought one for myself.

In my private free time, I always press my computer without actually knowing what I was doing.

Pressing a computer you have little or no knowledge about is like moving from a Java phone (small button phone) to a smartphone.

As you take your time to learn how to operate a smartphone, the same is also applicable to when you are using a computer as a newbie.

Learn to code and secure financial freedom

Knowing to code allows you to unlock financial freedom.

Learning how to code is not a day’s job (I am a living witness). But the truth is, nothing can conquer a determined heart.

If you are determined to learn how to code, trust me, within a space of one year, you must have learnt the basics in coding and already solving coding related issues for people and also making cool money from it.

With the new knowledge you have garnered from computer programming, you can develop applications, software, blog templates etc and get paid.

Honestly, in the coding world, there are many opportunities to make cool money. The question is, are you ready to learn how to code?

It is part of my plans to gradually focus this blog on coding.

In this blog from the time of sharing this post, I shall be sharing with us my journey as a programmer.

So let’s consider this post as my first post about coding.

You make an unimaginable amount of money as a programmer but the question is, how prepared are you to learn?

When I started to learn to code

My journey as a programmer started on the 1st of January, 2022.

It is my dream to become a web developer and game designer.

Also, not forgetting, I want to make cool money from the world of coding. I trust that is also part of your plan.

Just like many others, I was scared to learn computer programming due to the intimidating nature of the line of codes.

Learn how to code and make a financial difference
confusing nature of coding

When I see some codes written by other programmers I become scared and ask myself “hey Nekenwa, are you sure you can do this?”.

I become discouraged as something keeps telling me that programming is not for me.

At one point, I wondered if this same programming was not written by humans. I wondered if the people who made a successful living from coding are not humans.

On the first of January, I decided to make sure nothing stops me from becoming a programmer on or before the end of 2022.

You can act like me and become a successful programmer.

At the time of sharing this piece, I was still a learner.

I shall do well to share all my experiences in my coding journey.

Can I learn Coding for free?

This is a question I never stopped to ask myself before I started. I don’t have any money to pay for a Bootcamp nor do I have any money to pay a tutor.

My research online helped me to understand that there are cool places you can learn how to code for FREE.

That is to say in a simple term, you can also learn how to code and become rich for free.

Currently, I am learning how to code from many online resources and I will also encourage you to start learning immediately.

Some of the free platforms to learn coding from

You can also watch coding tutorials on YouTube for visual enhancement.

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